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Published by Nelson Oduro | Jan 17, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

Photography company uses customized website to improve branding

PolaWalk chooses TrekkSoft’s Content Management System to sell their tours.

When Thomas Preyer and Gilbert Lechner discovered they both had a love for polaroid cameras, they decided to start a company and share their love with others. With little technical skills and not sure of where they want to go, they came across TrekkSoft. PolaWalks chose TrekkSoft to host their website.

PolaWalks is a photography tour company located in Vienna, Austria. They are unique because they use polaroid cameras instead of conventional cameras on their tours. The company was started in 2013 by two native Austrians with a devotion for instant photography. They offer tours throughout Vienna, where guest can choose between a classic city experience or the more edgier side of Vienna. They have plans to expand to Warsaw, Poland in April 2015.

Equipped with a great concept they needed a platform that would convey their passion to the masses. Thomas and Gilbert had an idea of what they wanted their company image to be and what kind of company they wanted to run.  Running a photography tour company, the quality of the images on your website, the color scheme that you choose, and the overall presentation will greatly affect how well your tours do.polawalk

They wanted to brand their company, so Polawalk can stand out from the rest of the pack. They also needed an intuitive booking system. Their website had to sell for them. A booking system that can take real time bookings. A system that can organize all of their activities for guests to see and book. A system that did not have no interruptions through the booking system. This is what Thomas and Gilbert were looking for.

"We started our business with TrekkSoft as the sole booking engine, mainly because it is pretty much the whole package. Payment gateway, booking solution and a great website building tool. So we could focus on growing the business instead of building a website or paying someone to do so."

Our integration team trained Thomas and Gilbert on how to use the system. They showed them how to customize their website so they can have a consistent brand on their platforms. This allows your customers to feel a sense of familiarity, and allow better brand recognition. They were able to upload all of their images for the tours with the proper content. The team showed them the right image sizes  to make the pictures pop. "It was actually pretty simple and manageable, even for someone like me who has very few knowledge of coding and building a website.  So we didn’t have to integrate TrekkSoft, we built our page with Trekksoft."

The booking system came with the website. They organized their availability so guests can go on the website and see what times they are allowed book. They are able to fill almost all of their trips enabling their website with direct bookings. The website is mobile optimized, so guests can book their tours from any platform. All bookings regardless of where they come from are registered in the backend in real time so there is no overbooking.

"TrekkSoft has a very helpful team and they are a good and reliable partner. And they always work on their offer! So it is getting better and better."polawalk2-1


They have seen impressive bookings for a brand new company and are looking forward to maximizing their potential, and increasing their bookings with all the marketing oppourtunitites. The TrekkSoft Content Manangement System was exactly what they were looking for.


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Nelson Oduro
Published by Nelson Oduro
Nelson was part of TrekkSoft's marketing team in our New York Office for three years, paying particular attention to the growth of our digital marketing strategy.
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