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Published by Hermione Way | Feb 12, 2014 | | 1 MIN READ

Press Release: TrekkSoft raises further $800k taking total funding to $1.6million

logoTrekkSoft raises further $800k from Swiss investors bringing total funding to $1.6million to disrupt tour and activity industry.

TrekkSoft, the SaaS for tour and activity providers has raised a further $800,000 capital from the same group of investors who invested their seed round. The news follows the announcement last week that TripAdvisor and TrekkSoft have partnered to jointly collect reviews for both properties and drive sales for tour and activity providers.

TrekkSoft co-founder and CEO Jon Fauver says, “As history has demonstrated, the fragmented market, high inventory acquisition cost, and lack of live inventory online make it almost impossible for pure B2C marketplaces to succeed in tours & activities. Success in this space is dependent on three things: 1. Making it easy (& affordable) for tour & activity providers to bring their inventory online. 2. Facilitating their own direct sales. 3. Enabling them to connect to extended distribution partners. We invest heavily to ensure that TrekkSoft meets the needs of providers. Then we give those providers the opportunity to list their tours with our partners via the TrekkSoft Channel Manager, extending their distribution power and ensuring their offers are served to the right people at the right time in the booking process”

Since it’s launch in 2010 TrekkSoft has processed over 850,000 tour & activity bookings and grown it’s live inventory to more than 4,800 tours in 115 different countries. Companies using Trekksoft range from one man owner operators to large tour operators all offering a diverse range of activities from rafting outfitters to skydiving companies, from pub crawls to gourmet food tours, from 1 hour art gallery tours to 10 day multi-city journeys. The geographic spread of companies using Trekksoft extends from Kathmandu to Moscow to Rome to New York to Buenos Aires to Caribbean Islands.

New distribution partnerships with 3 large OTAs to offer in destination tour & activities are scheduled to go live late in Q1 2014. TrekkSoft Investor Armin Meier, former CEO Kuoni says “TrekkSoft removes the logistical barriers that previously deterred OTAs from offering in-destination tours & activities. The availability of real time live inventory from TrekkSoft allows OTAs to take advantage of these products, both better serving their customers and adding ancillary revenue to their bottom line.”

TrekkSoft offers a Software ­as­ a­ Service solution (SaaS) allowing tour & activity providers to promote, manage and sell their tours online, offline and on mobile. To take advantage of the booming tours & activity markets in North & South America, TrekkSoft launched their Sales & Marketing office in New York just over one year ago.

Current Investors include Redalpine Capital II, the Innovation Fund of the Schwyzer Kantonalbank and a group of independent investors with proven industry and market experience. Private investors include among others Armin Meier, former CEO of Kuoni, Walter Güntensperger, CEO of Active Travel and former CEO of Hotelplan Switzerland, and Adrian Locher, founder and COO of

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