TrekkSoft's booking system allows wine companies to accept deposits

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Mar 19, 2015

Rustic Vines Wine Tours chose TrekkSoft to be their booking and management software because they needed a system that allowed guests to pay deposits.

Rustic Vines Wine Tours is a wine tour company founded and owned by Tim Cowley. Tim is a retired professional rugby player with a passion for travelling. Tim realized that he had fallen in love with one particular city, “Bordeaux had it all. It presented me with everything that I loved in a place. A close coastline, amazing wine, great food, classic french culture, thousands of vineyards, and a city rich in history with beauty to match.” Tim started Rustic Vines to show others why he fell in love with Bordeaux. Rustic Vines gives travellers a world class wine tour while introducing them to people from all different backgrounds and a different culture.

rusticvinestimI want Rustic Vines to be about people feeling comfortable about knowing nothing about wine and can just come on a tour and have a great time and still take away some knowledge about this art of making great wine.

 Tim and the team at Rustic Vines came up with an itinerary for three different wine tours cleverly named after prominent French figures, the King Henry, Napoleon and The Famous Monk tour. Each tour takes place in a different region of Bordeaux. The King Henry in the historic left bank region, The Napoleon at the  world famous Médoc region, and the The Famous Monk at the Saint Émilion village. Guests can also combine the tours to see two regions. This is where the problem began.

Booking multiple tours and compounding tours became expensive for guests. Tim did not want the price to dissuade those interested in going for that option. Sometimes guest will not have the money ready to book and by the time they had gathered the money the tour would be filled up. The number of disappointed guests was on the rise and the team at Rustic Vines wanted to help them.

First thing was to get a booking system that could properly display all of their tours. A booking system that would allow guests to book tours with little ease and pay. Also a booking system that can accept deposits and hold spots for clients who then can come back and finish the booking at a later time. They needed a booking system that can do this without adding any administrative work to their already tasking workload.Winetours

Tim found out about TrekkSoft's booking software and was intrigued after a demo call. We explained all the possibilities of the software and how it was capable of doing exactly what he needed. The TrekkSoft team did the first tour for him and trained him and his team how to set up the rest of their tours. After see by the time intuitive backend of the software Tim was convinced that this was the booking system that he had been looking for.

The software was integrated on to his website, and all the tours was uploaded into the backend. An option for paying a deposit was added as one of the payment options

Guests can now leave a deposit and hold a spot for the tour they want to go on. Rustic Vines does not have to worry about losing guests because their tours are too expensive. And everything is organized and managed for them in the backend. All Tim, and the rest of  the team have to worry about is making sure guests get the full Bordeaux experience.

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Nelson Oduro

Written by Nelson Oduro

Nelson was part of TrekkSoft's marketing team in our New York Office for three years, paying particular attention to the growth of our digital marketing strategy.

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