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Published by Nicole Kow | Nov 17, 2015 | | 2 MIN READ

3 ways Spanish tour and activity companies can increase bookings this winter

Spain is a beautiful country, especially in the summer. But December is around the corner and summer seems like it happened a million years ago. So we’ve put together a few suggestions to help your tour and activity company improve your bookings this winter.


1.Create tours that celebrate Spain in the winter

Many travel bloggers talk about how beautiful Spanish cities are in the winter, with the added perk that most of the tourists are gone and the city has calmed down a little. Why not create tours that cater to this niche crowd of travellers who prefer to explore Spain in the quieter months?

You could put together a walking tour that features some of the prettiest buildings in the winter, or create a Christmas or New Year themed tour to show off the city in all its festive glory. If you already have plans for the winter seasons, perhaps consider scheduling tours and activities during the warmer times of the day, for example, starting a walking tour at noon instead of 9am.

If your company is based in a seaside town or rural village, my advice is to consider if creating new tours and activities over the winter is something worth investing in, taking into account the additional costs to might incur. Some suggestions include wine tours and culinary tours because people love to eat and drink regardless of the seasons.


2. Market your tours and activities online

When I think of a winter getaway, Spain doesn’t crop up in my mind. Similarly, most tourists don’t think about visiting Spain in the winter. Use this opportunity to change their minds about it.

Of course the most obvious thing to do would be to get onto social media and post about all the wonderful things Spain has to offer in the winter. My top suggestion would be to post plenty of pictures as it is still the most attention grabbing form or media - pictures still speak a thousand words. Learn more visual marketing for tour and activity providers here.

To take this strategy further, you could start a blog to tell your potential customers more about the various things they could do in Spain over the winter. The more information people have, the better equipped they are to make a decision to take a trip to Spain in December. If that isn’t convincing enough, here are 10 reasons why you should start a blog.


3. Deliver an awesome experience

If you’ve decided to run with a winter themed tour, make sure to test out our idea with people who are willing to give you honest feedback. Chances are that this feedback could be useful in creating a unique selling point for your tours, making it easier for you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Another thing to remember is that a customer’s experience begins as soon as she or he reaches your social media page or website. Make sure customers are able to book your tours and activities online. You should also ensure that your website it is optimised for mobile devices as more and more travellers rely other mobile devices to make bookings online.

When your guests do arrive, give them an experience they will never forget. Word of mouth is the best way to get your tours known and no one speaks about your tours better than a satisfied customer.


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Published by Nicole Kow
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