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Published by Tom Iannone | Dec 11, 2014 | | 2 MIN READ

5 ways to start marketing your business like a professional with TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft includes a powerful set of marketing and SEO tools to help you reach more people and interact with your customers at every step of their purchase cycle. All with zero technical hassle. These marketing apps can be accessed directly from the TrekkSoft dashboard.

Track and boost your current marketing efforts and get a competitive edge by gaining insights into which marketing strategies are working the best for them.

Users can even A/B test their website to see which layouts and content are most effective for their bottom line. One of the most powerful features is the ability to integrate LiveChat into your TrekkSoft page, allowing you to speak to customers on your website or take messages while you're away.

Here are a few marketing apps that TrekkSoft users can take advantage of.


1. Make use of the Facebook Audience and Remarketing Tag

This feature allows you to add your Facebook tracking code to your TrekkSoft website so that once a person visits your website, you can target custom Facebook advertisements to display in their news feeds. This is a perfect way to make sure that you stay on your customer's mind once they've shown interest in your product.


2. Add LiveChat to your website

LiveChat is one of our most popular solutions because it allows tour and activity providers to talk to their customers while they are actually on their website. This is great to quickly answer questions while encouraging guests to book an activity with you. Also, LiveChat allows you to set an "away message" so that customers can leave a message for you when you aren't available to chat with.



3. Use Optimizely to boost your monitoring

Optimizely is a great way to test your overall user experience and layout variations in order to see which variations produce the most bookings for your business. All you have to do is add the Optimizely code to the TrekkSoft app and you never have to change it again. Optimizely automatically tracks all of the relevant information you need so you can analyze it later and determine which is the best option for your website.



4. Use the Google Analytics integration to your advantage

It's always a good idea to use Google Analytics for every business page. This stores everything you need to know about your website traffic and visitor activity so that you can review it to see the effects that different marketing initiatives or seasonal offerings have had on your business. After adding your Google Analytics code to your TrekkSoft app, the code will automatically appear on every page of your TrekkSoft site, so you can begin tracking your visitors and recording data.

You can also use Google Tag Manager to put all of your tracking code snippets into one container on your Google account. Once the conainer's code is triggered on your TrekkSoft page, Google will trigger all of the codes accordingly. This keeps your analytic codes organized in one place, so you won't ever have to add another code to your TrekkSoft page again.



5. Use the General Conversion Tracking feature

You can add a conversion tracking code for any other system here. Whether it's Google, Facebook, or another system that you prefer to use, just add the code and click save. This code will appear on every Thank You page, allowing you to keep track of your completed bookings.


Interested in finding out how an online booking and rental software can help you to drive tour and activity bookings?

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