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Published by Maria Eduarda Possamai | Apr 13, 2016 | | 2 MIN READ

4 tips for Brazilian tourism companies to get ready for the upcoming Rio 2016 Olympic & Paralympic Games

The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro promise to attract many tourists to Brazil in 2016. According to the Ministry of Tourism, it is expected that 1 million foreigners will arrive in the country during the games and a total of 6.5 million visitors are expected to visit for the whole year - a new record for Brazil.

However, one of the main tourism trends in Brazilian for 2016 is that visitors will not only stay in Rio de Janeiro, but all over the country as well. This means that all Brazilian tour and activity operators should be prepared to receive more bookings from tourists.

Here are 4 ways to prepare for the upcoming season and make the most of Brazil's spotlight.

1. Prepare for a growing interest in the natural and cultural landscape 

Out of 140 nations, the World Economic Forum (Brazil) recognized Brazil to have the largest variety of natural landscapes, sights and activities, and Brazil also ranked eighth place for the most cultural variety.

Therefore, international tourists are likely to want to experience a variety of outdoor tours and activities, as well as the different local cultures on offer. These are most appealing in cities like Recife (PE) and Salvador (BH), destinations like Bonito (MS), Foz do Iguaçu (PR) and Fernando Noronha (PE), beaches of Santa Catarina and the Northeast, and the cerrado and Brazilian mountains.

Tourism in Brazilian beach - Rio de Janeiro


2. Promote the right tours to the right audience

To effectively sell your tours and activities, you need to understand your audience. For example, the Olympics are likely to be frequented by families. As a result, it makes sense to promote suitable tours and activities for this audience, which can range from children to the elderly. Destinations with a good dose of nature, museums and train rides tend to be the popular choice for family outings.

The Paralympic games will also attract athletes and tourists with special needs, so it is also important to think of tourist attractions and destinations with good accessibility. The Accessible Tourism program, coordinated by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of the Secretariat of Human Rights, is carrying out several initiatives to promote inclusive activities for all tourists. The program is aimed at managers, tourism professionals and people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

They Ministry of Tourism have also launched The Accessible Tourism Guide, a collaborative website where people can evaluate and check the accessibility of sights, hotels, restaurants, parks and other attractions.


3. Brazil is targeting the Chinese market

Brazil plans to receive an influx of Chinese tourists in 2016, as discussed at the Welcome Chinese conference held in March. According to the World Tourism Organization, Chinese citizens have spent most money globally since 2012 and every year 100 million Chinese citizens travel to new countries. However, according to the Ministry of Tourism, only 57,000 Chinese visited Brazil in 2014. They cited the language barrier, high costs and the great difficulty for the Chinese to get a Brazilian visa as the main cause for the lack of Chinese visitors.

To overcome this, more visa processing centers are being set up in China to cope with the increasing volumes of applications. But more importantly, Brazilian tour and activity operators should be able to accept Chinese cards, like Union Pay, or other global payment services. The TrekkSoft Payment Gateway can help you: our payment system allows you to receive payments in USD (a currency commonly used by international tourists) directly to your account. In addition, we are also able to integrate most major payment service providers onto your website.

You can also check out our guide to reaching the Chinese tourism market and understand the key strategies to reach this audience.

Tourism search online


4. Take advantage of the moment to focus on the future

The Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Rio from August - September 2016, at the end of the Brazilian winter. This means that Brazil's tourism high season from December to March will follow shortly after the games. As a Brazilian tourism company, you should take advantage of the influx of tourists and great interest in Brazilian destinations and start advertising your services and tours for the summer.

The best way to do this is by having online presence. Since most tourists will be based outside Brazil, a lot of their research and bookings will be done online, on your website, and on social networks. With TrekkSoft’s booking software you can create awareness and manage your business from anywhere with just one platform. Start now by creating your website and starting to accept online bookings and payments to boost your sales.


If you would like to learn more about TrekkSoft's online booking and payment system, sign up for a free demo. It was created for businesses like yours.

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