Top Ten Things to do in Portugal

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Jan 20, 2015

The TrekkSoft team have compiled a list of the top ten things you should do, and see while you are in Portugal.

Portugal is a country in Southwest Europe sharing the Iberian peninsula with Spain, Andorra and some territories of France and Britain. It can often be overlooked being right next to Spain, which is consistently in the top 5 most visited countries in the world. But there is plenty to do in Portugal, and much to attract anyone. Whether you are looking to just lie around on beautiful beaches and catch some sun rays at the Algarve region in Southern Portugal, or an historian and you want to visit all of the palaces in Lisbon, Portugal has something for you. 

1. Walking Tour of Lisbon

tramThe best way to see any city is by taking a walking tour. Take a guided walking tour through Lisbon.Portugal's capital is filled with culture and historical sights, and has some great nightlife to suit all tastes. Your guide will explain all there is to know about the city, and point out all the landmarks, as well as relics only locals know about. If you dont want to walk, a local tram travels throughout the city. 

 2. Surfing 

Due to it's geographical position, Portugal has some serious waves throughout the year. With beautiful cliff sheltered beaches and concealed bays, the Portuguese coast is filled with unknown spots begging to be found.You can travel along the coast from  Lisbon, São Pedro do Estoril,  Cascais, Guincho, to  Ericeira just moving along with the waves, in search of some killer waves that are sure to come. The best time to catch some amazing waves are late Winter through early Spring.surfing


 3. Nightclubs, Pub Crawls

Lisbon is world famous for its nightlife. World renowned clubs and bars have become as popular as some of the national landmarks to tourists. The best DJ’s from all over are invited to these clubs to perform. You barcan choose to go on a pub crawl where you will be taking around all the sleek and alternative bars. Go clubbing and experience Lisbon’s music subcultures, where locals and tourists get together and party through the wee hours of the morning.

4. Alfama

While in the capital city of Lisbon, you have to visit Alfama, the oldest district of Lisbon. A medieval city that dates back to the Moors, it is mostly known for its hilly topography and streets so narrow that only a few cars can get through. You can get a workout trying to navigate your way through the maze-like district, or hop on a old tram. The streets are littered with traditional taverns, restaurants, shops, and notable landmarks like St. George’s Castle and Sé Cathedral. Alfama is known for its Fado music. After trekking on cobbled streets, stop by one of the old fashioned bars and enjoy some fado music and learn all about its history.

5. Canal Trip


Aveiro has earned the nickname of being the Florence of Portugal. Canals intertwine throughout the entire city from the hub all the way to lagoons. Gondola like boats called Moliceiros work the canals transporting people back and forth. It would be a shame to not take a trip on one of the colorful boats while you are in Portugal. Grand buildings and small fisherman houses contrast each other on the banks, giving you opportunity to take some amazing panoramic pictures.

6. Rio Farmosa

Ria Farmosa is epicenter of Portugal’s eco-system. The freshwater lakes, canals and fishing villages of Cabanas and Sait Luzia make it a place to visit. Sand banks and golden dunes run along the horizon. Ria Farmosa has a great array of fauna and flora. Guests can go for a bird watching adventure or rent a fishing boat and explore the lagoon of Ria Farmosa. It is a great place for those looking to unwind, and enjoy a day with nature.


Discover Portugal on a bicycle. The Algarve has it everything a biker could ask for, from novelists to first day riders.It is an ideal location for mountain biking with extinct volcanoes, rolling hills,vast natural parks on the west coast subtropical nature, rural villages and many, many off-road tracks.Riding through gives endless viiews from the mountain tops.

8. Kayaking 

If you want to go sea kayaking or river kayaking, that is possible in Portugal. Lagos in the Algarve region is known for its coastline and caves and grottos. Guests can paddle out and enjoy breathtaking views in the serene caves, for a comfortable laid back trip. For river kayaking, the Mondego River is one of Portugal’s only rivers where you can kayak comfortably all year round. Once on the river you’ll be guided downstream with a gentle current, with some rapids here and there, so you must know how to swim. Along the Mondego River there are small beaches which are perfect for picnics.

9. Braga's baroque churches and Festivals

Braga is the spiritual city of Portugal. A lively city filled with an astonishing assortment of baroque churches.with stunning Bom Jesus do Monte, the age-old Sé (Braga Cathedral), and the sprawling Archbishop's Palace as prime must-sees. It hosts traditional religious festivals throughout the year, with dancing and wining and dining going on.

10. Porto 

Go enjoy a glass of Port wine right in the Port wine’s industry setting, as Porto is where the wine is aged, bottled and stored. With spectacular views along waterfront, it is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the culinary excellencies Portugal has to offer with a glass of wine.



 If there is any activity or place that you feel should be on this list, please share in the comments.



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