How technology has altered the role of DMOs today

Posted by Nicole Kow on Dec 6, 2016

Digitalisation of the travel industry has led to a huge shift, allowing more people to travel by giving them unlimited access to a plethora of information from all kinds of sources. What this means for DMOs is that their traditional role as an information provider to customers and as a destination marketing organisation to buyers has shifted out of their hands and into the hands of the internet and its many platforms.

It is now possible for clients and customers to bypass DMOs to arrange a trip or organise an event, effectively cutting out the middle-man for cheaper and more efficient alternatives. And this is only the beginning.

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Interlaken Tourism: How the successful DMO is evolving with TrekkSoft to meet new travel demands

Posted by Franziska Klein on Nov 15, 2016

This article has been adapted from the original German post by Franziska Klein

One of the guiding principles of Tourism Organisation Interlaken says: "Our guest is the focus of every activity and consideration." Thus, it was obvious to look out for a system focusing on the guest and providing an excellent customer experience.

Interlaken Tourism has been TrekkSoft's customer since 2011. From rafting to rope parks, they act as a regional market place online, offering all the activities found in the local tour and activity industry.

Read on to find out how Interlaken Tourism is using TrekkSoft and how all stakeholders (tour and activity providers, partners and especially guests) benefit from it.    

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Announcing The Destination Marketing Handbook for DMOs and DMCs

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Sep 23, 2016

We replenish the TrekkSoft Library every month with a new ebook, checklist, or trend report, and this month we've decided to give destination marketing our full attention.

Thirty-five pages of attention, in fact...

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How DMOs can make their web-based marketing a success

Posted by Franziska Klein on Aug 18, 2016

A common question for destination management organizations (DMOs) is: "how can we optimize our marketing to serve our target audience and help them become regular visitors?"

The answer: with personalized marketing!

This report is based on Adrian Müller’s Bachelor thesis, “Web-based marketing for Alpine Swiss destinations. Status quo, success factors and recommendations”. Müller’s research is focused on a qualitative survey of experts in eleven Alpine Swiss DMOs and two mountain lifts, and we think you'll find his insights relevant too.

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How TrekkSoft enables experience-driven marketing for DMOs

Posted by Nicole Kow on Aug 5, 2016

21st century travellers are all obsessed with “the authentic travel experience”. Travellers today will go through great lengths to find an authentic local experience and are turning the travel industry inside out to find it. They are relying a lot more on digital platforms to research, plan and book the ideal travel itinerary, DMOs need to incorporate technology into their marketing strategies.

We’ve previously talked about how DMOs can engage in more experience marketing efforts and help local experience providers grow their businesses. Today, I want to tell you how TrekkSoft can help you get there better and faster.

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How DMOs should be using experience-driven marketing

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Aug 4, 2016

We've shared how experiential travel is on the rise, with travellers increasingly wanting to experience a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and cultureTo keep up, destination marketing organisations need to adapt their strategy and double down on experience-driven marketing.

The core elements of success? Recognising your strongest local experiences, having a unified vision of what your destination offers, and not attempting to market everything you offer.

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The 8 destination marketing strategies with the highest ROI

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Jun 22, 2016

After research and analysis to decide the objectives of your destination marketing plan, your task as a DMO, DMC, or marketplace is to define the marketing strategies that will build your region and drive tourist traffic.

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How DMOs and DMCs can benefit from adding an online booking system to their website

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Apr 11, 2016

One of our biggest developments of 2016 has been our partnership with Fjord Norway, the official tourism board of Western Norway. A major part of the partnership has been creating a thriving network of tour operators, activity providers, and DMOs in the region, but another goal was to allow Fjord Norway to capture bookings and payments on their own website. 

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