5 things your booking management tool needs to grow your tour and activity business partnerships

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jul 19, 2017

In the tour and activity sector, it is common for companies to work together to deliver a more fulfilling experience to travellers.

For example, a surf camp may work with a transfer company to pick up passengers from the airport and send them to the camp site. At the same time, camp organisers can also promote day tours run by external operators to give customers more activities to do when they're not by the sea. 

From that example alone, you can see how different businesses tend to work together to provide customers with a variety of experiences throughout their holiday. 

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Final checks to make sure your booking system is ready for the high season

Posted by Nicole Kow on Jun 29, 2017

The high season is finally here and as you begin to run your tours and activities, make sure to find time to run last-minute checks on a crucial part of your business - your online booking system.

The last thing you want over the high season is to lose out on all those last-minute bookings that take place online or on mobile sites.

Make time to run a full booking test and look out for these four things that could make or break your booking system.

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