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2018 in Review: In conversation with our CEO and CTO

2018 was a big year in the tours and activities sector and discussed this in our recent webinar with Olan O'Sullivan, our CEO, and Jason Roe, our CTO. They shared their thoughts about industry changes in 2018 and how TrekkSoft plans to keep our customers at the top of their game. 

Here are some highlights from the webinar.

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Published by Nicole Kow | Feb 20, 2017 | | 3 MIN READ

Tour and activity operators who are getting their websites right

Having a website is crucial for any business these days, it's the new storefront. For tour and activity companies around the world, this couldn't ring any truer.

If you're hoping to attract customers from around the world, the internet is the best place to set-up-shop and market your services. It gives you the platform you need to grow an audience and generate a steady stream of bookings.

I previously wrote about the basics to building a great tour and activity operator website and decided to follow it up with 5 examples of tour and activity operators who are simply getting it right.

1. The 3 Amigos Adventure by Amigo Trails

Based in Mexico, The 3 Amigos Adventures offers specialised tours around the Copper Canyon. From bike rides to silent hikes, the company brings travellers around the nooks and crannies of this natural wonder and offer luxurious picnic lunches set before breathtaking lookout points. 


3 Amigos website 1.png

What I love about this website is its usability. From the homepage, the "View Tours" button is clearly displayed on the screen without me having to scroll through the page. The navigation bar at the top also clearly highlights to users what the company offers. Browsing through the website was a breeze.


2. Rustic Vine Tours

Meanwhile in Bordeaux, Tim, an ex-professional rugby player from New Zealand runs Rustic Vine Tours. The company brings visitors all around Bordeaux, capturing the regions' fantastic sights, sounds, smell and cuisine in half-day or full-day tours.


Rustic Vines Tours homepage.png


The homepage features nice imagery, minimal design, simple descriptions about the tours, clear calls-to-action, a short review from a customer, a short description about the company and a whole lot of blank space.


Rustic Vine Tours website 2.png


Their tour pages also feature incredible videos of the tours with a clear "Book Now" button.


3. Sugaman Tours

Sugaman Tours from Croatia runs sun soaked day tours from Split and has a fantastic website that shows off their tours in a neat and professional way.


Sugaman Tours product page.png


On their product page, details of the tours are organised and presented clearly. The use of blue and yellow colours to highlight information guides users through the page and draws their attention to important pieces of information.

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Sugaman Tours payment page.png


They also have an integrated booking system that shows the company's availabilities and guides users through the booking and payment process.


4. Jetboat

Jetboat in Interlaken features an incredible video of their activity on the homepage. It gives users an idea of what adrenaline filled activity they can look forward to when they hit that "Book Now" button. 

Jetboat homepage.png

The website is also available in both German and English, making it easy for users to navigate the site and find out more about their activities. Plus, it helps them reach a larger audience as well.

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Another great thing about this site is how incredibly mobile friendly it is. It's easy to navigate through the website, book and pay for an activity with the company via mobile. As more and more people research and book trips and tours on their mobile devices, having a mobile-optimised is practically the new norm.


Jetboat mobile site.png


Find out how your Google ranks your mobile site with this handy tool. You can also use to check out what your site looks like on mobile.


5. & adventure

I am in love with this website. I love the layout, the navigation, the visuals and the content. If a website is your 24 hour sales rep, these guys have got a superstar on their sales team.


andadventure homepage.png


Also based in Croatia, & adventure offers everything from kayaking trips to self-guided cycling tours around Dalmatia. The homepage features stunning sights and thrilling adventures one can expect on the tours. Its clean and professional design draws users' attention to the important sections of each page and guides them through the site.

 andadventure expectations.png


Finally, the site clearly and beautifully displays reviews from customers all over the world. Reviews from customers are important as it lends credibility to your company. 


andadventure reviews.png

What did you think of these websites? Is there anything you can do today to improve your website? Let us know in the comments below!

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