2015 at TrekkSoft: an infographic of our international team, travels and software

Published by Lucy Fuggle on Jan 13, 2016 | 0 minute read

This past week we've been reviewing the year behind us and all we achieved, as you may have done too for your business.

We had a great 2015, especially in terms of becoming more international, and we created an infographic to show you some of our cool statistics.


Our TrekkSoft team is an international bunch, and we travel around a lot too. In 2015, our team members explored a considerable portion of the world: take a look at our map below!

Where did you travel last year? Bonus points if you made it to any of the countries our team didn't get to!

TrekkSoft Team Travel Map 2015




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Lucy Fuggle

Published by Lucy Fuggle

Lucy spent three years building TrekkSoft’s content strategy and inbound marketing approach. She now helps companies to find their voice, kick-start projects, and bring in processes that actually work for them. Lucy writes and shares her solo adventures on

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