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Published by Hermione Way | May 20, 2014 | | 3 MIN READ

TrekkSoft launches new app and card reader, enabling tour and activity companies to go mobile

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.54.44TrekkSoft Perfects Booking Management with Mobile App and Card Reader

With completely redesigned availability, capacity control, ticket automation and a mobile app to manage your entire business from the palm of your hand, you are no longer tied to your computer.

TrekkSoft is proud to announce the release of its most significant upgrade to date. New availability algorithms replace “trip-based” logic. Merchants can select from three activity types - Attractions, Trips and Vouchers. Each type has a unique set of rules to accommodate various scheduling characteristics. You are now able to associate different PDF receipts, tickets and certificates with specific activity types. Each PDF can be customized to show special fields and scannable QR codes.

TrekkSoft goes mobile

With the release of our mobile app, you can now manage your business from virtually anywhere. Our new iPhone application allows you to access the majority of the great features that were previously available only by accessing our desktop admin portal.

Upcoming activities and inventory overview

See how many passengers are booked for each trip and how much space is still available to sell. You can adjust your inventory schedule as well as the capacities of each activity on the go and in real-time. Your inventory will be instantly updated so that website visitors, marketplace customers and internal employees will always have access to your live availability.


Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.55.19Take bookings and accept credit cards with your phone

It’s time to get out of your office and do what you enjoy. Vendors and agents can now accept payment in person, over the phone and online from anywhere at any time. Simply tap “Take Booking”, select the correct activity time and enter your customer’s information. To make this process even faster, TrekkSoft has also developed a sleek, reliable credit card reader. Simply tap and swipe to book a customer in seconds.


Scan tickets on arrival

TrekkSoft’s new mobile app comes equipped with an integrated QR scanner, so now every vendor can benefit from the convenience of quickly validating a customer’s ticket. Scan the QR code and you will know whether any guest owes additional payments, if the ticket has been used and if so, you will know the locations and times of previous usage. Once scanned, this information is stored in your TrekkSoft database so you can reference or export any customer information you need at any time.Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.55.34


Manage bookings, refund customers and add payments

Adjust your bookings, process refunds, add additional purchases of last minute add-ons, or cancel a trip. Unlike most mobile apps, TrekkSoft has managed to give you complete control from your mobile phone without sacrificing simplicity, efficiency or important features.


Major software updates

Say goodbye to tours and trips! New activities and availabilities logic

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.55.47

Each activity and tour provider has a different type of business. Some prefer to sell tickets for specific time slots each day. Businesses with more flexible schedules often allow customers to arrive at any point during a certain day so they can experience the attraction on their own time, at their own pace. Also, businesses with no scheduling restrictions whatsoever need to sell vouchers that are not restricted to a date or time.

By assigning scheduling rules that reflect the unique scheduling characters of each type (Trip, Attraction or Voucher) every vendor can reach their full operating potential without changing their current business model. To create available time slots, simply create a new “Availability Rule” for an activity. These rules describe your unique, recurring schedule and its available pricing options.


Shop items and add-ons

The “Add-ons” inventory section has been split into two separate categories:

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.55.54

Shop Items - Items or gift certificates that can be sold from your shop. These can be purchased in quantities without booking an activity. Shop items can include hoodies, cups and other souvenirs.

Add-ons - Add-ons can be restricted to specific activities and can even link to individual passengers. Examples include travel insurance, optional equipment, or photo packages.


PDF templates and design improvements

With the addition of multiple PDF templates, a unique receipt can be customized for each specific activity type. Vendor’s can enable multiple pricing options/types for each activity, so a customer can choose between a ticket or a voucher and receive the appropriate PDF template. By customizing the fields that appear on each PDF and adding unique QR codes, you can drastically improve your business’ efficiency and overall customer experience.

The visual design of each vendor page and checkout process has been optimized to further improve the online experience of the customer while lowering the overall time it takes to get them to the checkout page. With a more intuitive and attractive interface, you can be confident that your activities are offered in a professional, sophisticated layout.

Find out more info at Order a card reader now, here:


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