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How a partner network can bring destination success

We’ve been writing a lot recently about marketing for Destination Management Organizations (DMOs). You can check out our free eBook ‘The Destination Marketing Handbook’, which is filled with useful tips on how to market your destinations and experiences.

Skift recently published a blog titled '4 Trends Defining Tourism Marketing in 2018.' Dan Peltier wrote, ‘We’ve seen a lot of tried-and-true marketing tactics from destinations this year, but we also saw some newer, smarter strategies on how to use the masses of content and opinions available these days, thanks to social media.’

One trend in the article stood out as an excellent marketing strategy for destinations. It's easily achievable, makes business sense, and surprising that more destinations are not utilizing opportunities to collaborate.

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TrekkSoft has a new WordPress Plugin and Widget Integration

TrekkSoft Update: New WordPress Plugin and Widget Integration

We invested a lot of time in the last couple of weeks to further the development of the TrekkSoft WordPress widget and we're planning to launch these new functions in the next week!

What's new?
There will be a new WordPress plugin available which allows you to implement TrekkSoft directly and easy into your wordpress.com blog. We also invested a lot of time into the development of the mobile site and the improvement of the mobile site for smartphones (iPhone, Android, Windows Phones) and Tablets (iPad etc.). The goal of these improvements is to optimize the view for the customer and improve the booking process.

At the same time we worked on the design of the plugins and the widget. With these design improvements, it should now be easier to book tours online.

Your action points
If you are using the TrekkSoft iframe solution to enable booking tours or shopping for items, you wont have to take any action. Only the design of the iframe will change. After the update you’ll be able to integrate an iframe specific to tours overview.

What will no longer be supported is integration of custom CMS pages in a special iframe layout. Links won’t be broken, but your normal layout will be applied to these CMS pages, even when integrated via the iframe. We would like to encourage you to create custom pages directly in your website in case you are only interested in TrekkSoft as an iframe-integrated booking solution.

Upcoming developments
In the next months, we will improve the dashboard view for bookings. In addition, we will add new opportunities to market tours and generate more business by acquiring new customers. We are looking forward to present new innovations in the upcoming months.

At this point we would like to thank you for your cooperation so far and we wish you all the best with your booking-optimized website!

Want to see the impact that an online booking engine can have on your tour or activity company?

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