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Published by Hermione Way | Mar 26, 2014 | | 1 MIN READ

TrekkSoft partners with Hotelplan Suisse to bring effective channel management of live inventory to the tour & activity segment

TrekkSoft’s distribution partnership with Hotelplan Suisse makes channel management for tour and activity companies a reality.

The initial pilot phase, beginning with and followed by, will serve passengers the option to book in-destination activities on booking confirmation pages and in pre-trip departure emails.

The second phase of the partnership will bring tour & activity bookings directly into the dynamic packaging process on both sites.

“Serving the live inventory directly from supplier to guest via large distribution partners, was one of the last missing components to successfully bringing this travel segment online.” says TrekkSoft CEO Jon Fauver.

“To date it has not been a lack of distribution causing the problem, but a lack of live inventory available online. Together with Hotelplan Suisse, TrekkSoft is proud to be the first company to bring tour & activity suppliers a channel manager that meets all their needs: direct online sales, direct offline sales, agent & POS bookings, a consumer marketplace, and optional extended distribution via large industry partners,” he added.

Have the best experiences possible with Hotelplan Suisse
Hotelplan Suisse’s Director of Touroperating Beach Holiday, Tim Bachmann said:

“Vacation is not only about how to get there and where to stay, it is about what you do while you are there. Our partnership with Trekksoft allows us to offer the right tours to the right people at the right time. This year Hotelplan Suisse customers will be able to book sightseeing tours, surf & scuba instruction, quad safaris, segway tours and hundreds of other great tours before they arrive in destination.

The hassle-free booking process ensures our customers get confirmed activity bookings with reliable suppliers and have the best experiences possible on their holiday.”

Breakthrough for the tours & activity market
Bringing live inventory to dynamic packaging for the OTA’s is a breakthrough for the over $90 billion a year tours & activity market. By allowing suppliers to manage their tour data, departures, capacity and prices from one dashboard TrekkSoft streamlines the booking process for all parties involved, ensuring consumers get real time confirmation and guaranteed seats.

TrekkSoft remains fully committed to their strategy of meeting the needs of the suppliers first to help them move their inventory online, and then giving them the option to connect to extended distribution.

Motivate the suppliers to get their inventory online
“With the exception of companies offering free-sale tours with no capacity restrictions, the lack of live inventory was a major stumbling block in preventing travel companies like Hotelplan Suisse from adding tours & activities to their online products.” says Fauver, “The distribution partners are ready to sell but the inventory is still not available online. The problem extends into mobile as well. Before dreaming about in-destination mobile bookings for consumers, we first need to make sure the suppliers get their inventory online.”

TrekkSoft estimates that of the over 700,000 global tour & activity listings on large meta-search sites, considerably less than 20% have their live inventory available online in any form.”

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