TrekkSoft partner with myobis

TrekkSoft partners with myobis to provide an even more powerful online booking solution

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on May 17, 2016

We have some TrekkSoft news! Today we announced our strategic alliance with Myobis Booking Systems GmbH (MBS), the innovative Munich-based booking software provider. 

MBS provides an efficient solution for companies to book and manage internal events with the product “myobis business”. Under "myobis event", experience providers can seamlessly process online sales, promotion code marketing, and voucher handling.

This partnership will support our joint mission to provide the European tour and activity industry with the most efficient and affordable online booking solution, and we're confident that our leading market position will complement the in-depth German market knowledge of myobis.

We're also certain that our partnership will enable tour and activity providers in Germany and beyond to benefit from a product that draws from the diverse strengths of both companies.

Munich, hometown of myobis booking system 

Frank Grossmann, CEO of Myobis Booking Systems, says of the partnership:

With TrekkSoft as our partner we can improve our performance for our existing customers and develop the market comprehensively. I am convinced that soon there will be market consolidation in Germany. In the past two or three years, the pressure on the competitors and their investors has grown enormously; the figures speak for themselves. Now is the best time for our alliance with TrekkSoft.


And Jon Fauver, CEO and Co-founder of TrekkSoft, explains why the partnership was formed:

With an annual booking volume of €8.5 billion, Germany is one of the critical markets for success in the European tour and activity landscape and a major focus for TrekkSoft in the near future. Following a careful review of the booking solutions currently serving the German market, the quality of the myobis feature set, combined with the industry experience and innovation of the founders, myobis became the obvious choice for a close collaboration.

Jon adds, “We are very excited about the collaboration, the myobis team makes a great addition to the TrekkSoft portfolio. In addition to complementing our existing system, the agreement opens up new ways for TrekkSoft to better serve our international customers. In the near future we will be allocating development resources to bring further optimization to myobis. Both companies are well-aligned in their goal of quality and sustainable growth both in Germany and the rest of the world.”

TrekkSoft’s online booking system and website builder for the tour and activity industry has been very successful in 125 countries to date and has established its place as number one in the European market. Through TrekkSoft’s collaboration with myobis, tour and activity providers will have access to an even more powerful software solution to build their business online.

For more information, you can download our press release announcing the partnership.


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About TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft is a leading online booking and payment software provider for tour and activity providers, with a team based in Interlaken, Switzerland. The multilingual and multi-currency system was developed jointly by IT and tourism professionals, and has been used by customers in 125 countries. TrekkSoft now employs over thirty-five people from eighteen countries, most of whom work at its headquarters in Interlaken, Switzerland.


About Myobis Booking Systems GmbH (MBS)

Myobis Booking Systems GmbH (MBS) is a Munich-based online booking software provider for the tourism and events industry. MBS provides an efficient solution for companies to book and manage internal events with the product “myobis business”. Another product, "myobis event", enables experience providers to seamlessly process online sales, promotion code marketing, and voucher handling.


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