TrekkSoft's payout options

TrekkSoft's payout options: will you choose our universal payment gateway or a PSP such as PayPal?

Posted by TrekkSoft on Apr 30, 2012

By using TrekkSoft, you have different options to get paid. In this blog article, I will explain the different options you have.

The first thing you have to do is to sign up with TrekkSoft. Then, select the payment method you'd like to use.

TrekkSoft's payment system


By choosing TrekkSoft's Payment Gateway, you will have a fee of 6% per online transcation, inclusive of all credit card fees. There won't be any additional costs from credit card companies because everything will be handled by us.

You get paid out on a monthly basis according to the trip date. So, if you sell a trip online in March with the trip date of April, you will get paid out at the end of April. All offline transcations (either over the counter, or point of sale) are free of charge.




First, you need to register for a PayPal merchant account. Through PayPal, all online payments will be paid out to you directly and in real time. That's the advantage of this option: you have the money immediately in your PayPal merchant account.

TrekkSoft will charge a fee of 4% per online transcation, in addition PayPal's fee per transcation. At the moment, PayPal charges 2.9% per transaction plus 30 cents. In total, you will have 6.9 % per online transaction and 30 cents as fix costs from PayPal and TrekkSoft.

You will also need to handle your refunds manually. However, TrekkSoft's backend has a system to mark a transaction as refunded (for example after a cancelled trip). Again all offline transcations are free of charge.


Credit card payment system


The last option only makes sense if you are a big tour operator with a lot of online turnover. We suggest this option only if you make over EUR/USD 500,000 online. With this option you can set up your own PSP (Payment Service Provider). If you choose this option you need to make your own credit card contracts and a specific contract with your PSP.

The idea behind this option is that if your online turnover is high, you can probably negotiate better credit card terms for yourself. TrekkSoft will charge you a fee of 4% per online transaction. To figure out your total costs, you will need to add the TrekkSoft's costs (4%), PSP costs (normaly a fix amount per transcation) and credit card fees (usually less than 6%). Of course, all offline transactions are free of charge.


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