TrekkSoft's mobile card reader and app helps JetBoat Cancun generate more bookings

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Feb 5, 2015

JetBoat Cancun utilizes TrekkSoft’s mobile card reader to accept bookings on the go.

JetBoat Cancun believed in the potential of mobile point of sales, but did not have the proper resources to make that happen. They used a conventional brick and mortar system, they had no content management system or an online booking solution. When TrekkSoft released its mobile card reader along with the mobile app, they knew they just found a solution that would solve multiple problems.

JetBoat Cancun is  a boat manufacturing and repair company proudly responsible for building the world-famous Xcaret Jetboat, Adrenalina! Adrenalina has been responsible for giving more than 120,000 people the time of their life. The boat is outfitted with a waterjet that allows for unique maneuvers that are jetboatimpossible to perform with a standard propeller propulsion system.Captained by Santiago Estrella, who has over 20 years of experience. 8 with the jetboats, Jetboat Cancun is the premier jetboating company in the Isla Mujeres and Cancun area.

Jetboat Cancun’s old website template was not conducive to selling tours.They provide an exciting activity that can practically sell itself if they have the proper way to show the images and layout the description and the itinerary. But it didn't, and Jetboat Cancun realized they were not getting as many bookings as they should be. They thought of different ways to fix their website so it was more inviting, and can be used as a main tool to sell their tours. When the opportunity came to use TrekkSoft they jumped on it.

The team at Jetboat Cancun got a demonstration of all of the possibilities of TrekkSoft’s cms. They created a vibrant modern website that can bring their tours to life. They were able to create the content, give a detailed description, step by step itinerary, and list all of the highlights of the tour. What's more important they were able to upload images to match each tour. Big header images for the main tour page, and teaser images for the tours overview page made their website more inviting. They were even able to upload videos, so potential customers can get a better idea of what jetboating was all about. Now that their website was up to par, they wanted to find other ways to increase bookings.

jetboatupcloseHaving a speed boat on the harbor means you get a lot of foot traffic. These are potential customers whom you can sell too. Jetboat Cancun wanted to take advantage of this, but they did not have a way to accept bookings and payments on the spot. They needed a system that would allow an agent to sit at the harbor with a phone, and book passengers right away. The reservation system needs to also update right away on other platforms so they wouldn't overbook. While contemplating how to do this, TrekkSoft released the mobile app and card reader.

The mobile app and card reader was exactly what Jetboat Cancun needed. An agent is able to sit by the dock, and walk around the beach and sell the tours. With the mobile card reader attached to the phone, the agent can accept payments from debit/credit cards. A customer can book, pay and board the board in less than 5 minutes. The app gives them the ability to make changes to tours, and access to all the functionality that they are privy to on the website.

Since switching to TrekkSoft’s website template Jetboat Cancun has seen traffic on their website grow. Their website is more attractive and engaging to potential customers. This is has lead to an increase in bookings. To maximize their bookings even more, they took advantage of the mobile app. Now they take bookings anywhere at any time. Now more guests can enjoy the thrill of the Adrenalina.


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Nelson Oduro

Written by Nelson Oduro

Nelson was part of TrekkSoft's marketing team in our New York Office for three years, paying particular attention to the growth of our digital marketing strategy.

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