Ultimate Mobile Photography Guide: how to take great photos on your smartphone [Ebook]

Published by Lucy Fuggle on Aug 24, 2016

We all know how effective visual content marketing is for tourism companies, and having some professional-quality photos on your website can get you on your way to receiving more bookings.

After all, tourists want to visualise the experience you're offering. They also want a guarantee that they'll have a great time on your tour or activity. With great photos and a wider visual content marketing startegy, you can achieve just this.

Having said that, you're probably not going to be carrying a heavy DSLR camera around with you (although maybe you are, which is absolutely fine). In any case, mobile photography is something that most of us are up to these days. It's never been easier to take high-quality photos and get them in front of an audience online.

To help your refine your mobile photography skills - and be able to show off your creations on social media and in your wider marketing - our Designer at TrekkSoft, Matthias Maraczi, has compiled his wisdom into one handy ebook.


In this guide, you'll learn:

  • The basic principles professional photographers follow to take incredible pictures
  • How to take pictures to effectively show off your destination, your tours and activities 
  • How to make full use of the various features found on your phone's camera

Whether you're an expert smartphone photographer or you're just starting out, there's something in this ebook for everyone. (I myself learned a thing or two while proofreading this ebook!)




I'd love to see what you get out of the ebook, so why not tweet your photos to us @trekksoft? Over the next few weeks we'll be retweeting the very best photos of your tours and activities, teams, offices, and places in the world you call home.


Get your free Ultimate Mobile Photography Guide in our Ebook Library and put the tips and tricks into action this week


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Lucy Fuggle

Published by Lucy Fuggle

Lucy is Head of Content Marketing at TrekkSoft. She tries to read a book a week, travel solo every month, and share ideas on You can usually find her in Switzerland's Berner Oberland.

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