UnderToe Mexico's transition to a booking system

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Jan 7, 2015

UnderToe Mexico switches from over the telephone bookings to intuitive booking system with TrekkSoft.

Carolyn Thomas and the rest of the team at Undertoe Mexico were spending too much time on taking bookings. Someone from the team had to be by the phone at all times to make sure they didn't miss a booking. With the rise of SUP came more bookings, this method was not going to be conducive for business in the future. When the opportunity came to switch a booking system they decided to go with TrekkSoft.

UnderToe Mexico is a water sports company located in Costa Maya, Mexico specializing in Stand Up Paddle tours. Stand Up Paddle is one of the fastest growing water activities in the world. UnderToe Mexico offers different lesson packages and board rentals to their customers, where they give personalized instruction in aquamarine Caribbean waters.

A long drawn-out booking process was interfering with their ability to increase bookings. 

Hangout Photo Carolyn Thomas, owner and chief instructor at UnderToe Mexico

Carolyn, the owner and chief instructor at UnderToe Mexico found it increasingly time consuming to run her business. Administrative tasks started to take up majority of her time. With a small staff they need everyone giving lessons or renting out boards. The method that they were accustomed to required someone to be in the office at all times.

The team recognized that something needed to be changed and quick. They could not afford for key players to be sitting in the office, and expect to grow their company. They sought out a booking and payment system that would help with the administrative work.

They needed a booking system that can be integrated in their website, to allow customers to book directly. With TrekkSoft’s “Book Now” function customers were able to book a lesson and pay for it from any device. With our simple to use integration widgets, we were able to generate a code and embed it right on UnderToe Mexico's current website. A visible “Book Now” button is placed right on their homepage so the customer does not miss it.

Customers can now book tours in real time. All the bookings for each activity and their specific time is registered in the backend so Carolyn can pull it up anytime. Once the customer books they get an email intermediately to confirm their booking with a ticket that they can show up to the tour with. Carolyn and her team do not need to do follow-up calls.

"The "click" now to pay has simplified my life! The auto emails for confirmation, reminders, and post trip review requests have cut my work load to zero! Awesome feature."

With their main problem solved, the team can get back to focusing on what they enjoy doing, giving lessons on the serene waters. Carolyn knows that her website is doing half the work for her. She has sat back and watched her business grow as a result of this. TrekkSoft has improved the user experience as well as her day to day tasks. "I think it makes me more credible to have an automated process. Clients love it and I love how simple my life has become. My TripAdvisor reviews has been more consistent."

With clients loving it, Carolyn has seen her bookings increase dramatically. She doesn't need to be present for her business to run well. She can sit back and enjoy the calmness of the environment, which was one of the main reasons she ended up doing tours in Mexico to begin with.

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