How to upsell activities during the booking process with add-ons

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on May 19, 2016

Add-ons are a brilliant way to provide your customers with a wide range of options and let them build the most memorable experience possible. If you book a dive in Bali, you'd probably be interested in a photo package add-on, right? What about a travel insurance package?

As a TrekkSoft booking software user, you can now upsell your tours and activities with add-ons during the booking process. It's an important addition to the TrekkSoft platform, and we're proud of it!

The previous add-ons functionality on TrekkSoft allowed your customers to add Single-Item Add-ons (like hoodies, mugs and souvenirs) or Guest-Bound Add-ons (like photo packages or travel insurance) to the cart during the booking process and purchase everything in one transaction. But from now on, you can also upsell your activities by displaying add-on options during the booking process.

This is a great way to assist your customers in creating their ideal itinerary on your website, and it can also increase average basket value and give some of your less popular activities a boost.

To understand how to get started with the add-ons feature, we'd recommend that you check out our release notes. But as a brief overview, you'll be able to select relevent add-ons for each tour and activity like so: 



After selecting your add-ons, when a customer goes to pay they can then be greeted with the option to "choose add-ons"...




And choose from your range of tempting offers! We're excited to see how you use add-ons to develop new revenue opportunities for your business in 2016 and beyond.




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Lucy Fuggle

Written by Lucy Fuggle

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