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Published by Nicole Kow | Mar 14, 2017 | | 2 MIN READ

We've upgraded our mobile app and here's why we're really excited about it!

At TrekkSoft, one of our biggest promise to you is that you'll be able to manage your business anytime, anywhere. Over the past few months, our product team has been collecting feedback from users of the app and working hard to figure out a better way to deliver our biggest promise. 

Today, we're glad to tell you that you can manage your business on-the-go a whole lot better. 

Let's take a look at what you can do with the mobile app, shall we?

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1. Stay on top of your inventory on-the-go

Get the latest update about your upcoming activities in real time and get an overview of  the number of bookings for any activity at any specified time. From the app, you'll be able to adjust capacities for any activity. 


2. Manage your bookings

Take bookings anywhere, seriously. Perhaps the sun is shining and you've decided to go for a hike up the mountains, you'll be able to manage your bookings while you take a short water break. 

Say while on your hike, you meet a few travellers and get chatting to them about what activities people can do at your destination, you can take their booking on-the-spot and send them an automated confirmation email too. 

On top of that, you can easily update a booking from the mobile app to accommodate any last-minute changes your customers might have.


3. Accept payments in-person

Everyone's got customers who prefer to pay for a tour or activity in-person and with the app, you can let them do that. Take cash payments or simply connect your phone to our TrekkSoft card reader and accept credit card payments outside the office. 


Mobile dashboard-1.png 


4. Scan and validate tickets 

Make sure the right people get on the right tours and prevent fraud by issuing unique QR codes on each ticket. The mobile app allows you to validate tickets on the spot by using the phone's camera to scan tickets. 


5. Allow your sellers to use the app too

From your admin desk, you can add new users and agents and allow them to take bookings for you anywhere they might be. You can also adjust agent access from the admin desk. 


Who is this mobile app for?

Firstly, the mobile app is available for all TrekkSoft customers and we believe that it can really simplify the lives of tour and activity companies around the world. The app, and TrekkSoft for that matter, was created for:

  • Guides who are in this industry because they love it. Let us take the burden of managing bookings off your shoulders and get you doing more of what you love.
  • New and small companies who want to reduce the risk of no-shows and low seasonality. Use the right tools to establish your presence online and impress customers offline. 
  • Established companies searching for technological solutions to consolidate your business processes. Simplify your booking and inventory management with tools created by tour operators for tour operators. 
  • Tour and activity companies who want to grow fast and want to use technology to get them there. Get the tech and human support you need to grow fast in this booming industry.

The upgraded mobile app is currently available on iOS only. 

Head over the App Store to download it. 

Want to test out the app? You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial to gain access to the app and our exclusive TrekkSoft community.


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Nicole Kow
Published by Nicole Kow
Having graduated from the UK, Nicole travelled around Europe before joining TrekkSoft's marketing team. She is now based in KL and regularly blogs about her travels at Next Train Out.
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