Variable tax rates for tour operators

Here's how operators can apply variable tax rates for different activity components

Published by Lucy Fuggle on Dec 9, 2016 | 1 minute read

For many tour and activity operators, tax can cause a few complications. You might require different VAT rates for different components of an activity, for instance, such as when detailing the net amount, variable VAT rates, and gross amount on a receipt.

If your activity consists of a kayak trip with a guide, lunch and transportation, and they are all taxed differently, with TrekkSoft you will be able to determine what portion of the total activity price a certain tax will be. This is made possible with our new Extended Tax Feature.

Our product team has created the feature with a wide range of common scenarios and edge cases in mind, based on our conversations with operators we're working with in Norway.

Based on this feedback from our customers and partners, we're confident that the Extended Tax Feature is going to be a real asset for those of you in countries where different componental taxes apply, such as Norway.


TrekkSoft will add an option on the "Price Category" level of the Taxes tab in the software backend, allowing you to input the different tax rates that apply to your business. The feature will also be neatly integrated and compatible with all of TrekkSoft's other features, including...

  • Packages
  • Multi-discounts
  • Agent invoicing
  • Partner network (even if an activity is being resold at a higher cost, the tax will still be accurate).


So, what are the benefits?

1. Less admin – most of all, this will make it easier for operators to stay on top of accounting.

2. Greater accuracy, less risk of human error.

3. It's one more way that TrekkSoft helps companies to scale up and handle the complexity that comes with growth.


As part of the release, we will also be extending our taxes and fees reporting to give you an even better oversight of your business.

The Extended Tax Feature is currently in the testing phase, with an expected release date of late December – early 2017.


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Lucy Fuggle

Published by Lucy Fuggle

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