Whale watching company expands reach with online marketing suite

Posted by Nelson Oduro on Feb 6, 2015

Onca Explorations understands the importance of marketing, and how a booking solution should assists with their marketing efforts.

oncaONCA Explorations knew that to reach a wider audience they needed to market themselves, and find creative ways to do this. The more marketing they do, the more sales they will get. Onca Explorations knew that successful marketing campaigns will bring everyone to their website. They needed to be ready when customers came on their website with a booking system that can take handle it. They chose to go with TrekkSoft.

ONCA is the first research based whale watching operator in coastal waters off Sinaloa. Their daily expeditions allow for an alternative platform to monitor local marine mammal populations and marine environment. ONCA Explorations was founded and managed by marine biologists and ecologists. They have a steadfast dedication to sustainable tourism, and believe that are all marine life should be respected and preserved for future generations.

onca2They have an exceptional tour and an excellent premise that they want to share with the masses, but the question is how. “Marketing is the most important thing you need to do and online is a very big part of that.” Focused on improving the tour and finding ways to help the whales a lot of their effort couldn't be too focused on marketing.

ONCA also needed a reservation system that can be accessed on all platforms, so customers can find them anywhere. The booking engine and the company that provides it should generate traffic as well. It is all about getting discovered online, and once potential customers find you providing them with the tools that they need to book and pay easily on the site.

TrekkSoft comes with a marketing suite that companies can use to expand their reach. Included in this marketing suite is Marketing Tracking Analytics, Live Chat, and A/B testing, so you can keep track of which pages convert the best, and what attracts the most customers. This gave ONCA a one-stop shop tool that also helps generate bookings. Used correctly these tools can help companies figure out the best tactics to reach potential customers and after help cater to customers.

TrekkSoft is a premier booking engine. Not only can ONCA better market their company, they are able to take bookings and payments directly on the site. All the information is stored in the backend and, the team at ONCA can print out a manifest whenever a whale trip is scheduled. They just show up to the meeting point with the manifest and check all of their guests in. They can see who paid, and who hasn't finished their booking. For cancellatioonca3ns they can just issue refunds right from the system. Everything is managed in one place.

ONCA Explorations has found a booking system in TrekkSoft that manages all of their tours, and its able to accept bookings. They were also able to take care of the issue that daunted them the most, how to properly market without wasting too much time doing it. They have integrated TrekkSoft’s marketing suite into their daily tasks.

With the booking system and marketing suite working for them, the marine biologists at ONCA Explorations can go back to enjoying the whales and the rest of the marine life.

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Nelson Oduro

Written by Nelson Oduro

Nelson was part of TrekkSoft's marketing team in our New York Office for three years, paying particular attention to the growth of our digital marketing strategy.

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