What's New: Drag and Drop CMS Elements, Resource Indicators, and a Shorter Booking Process

Posted by Tom Iannone on Dec 10, 2014

TrekkSoft has improved its system by allowing users to drag and drop CMS elements onto their custom pages. We have also shortened the booking process and made it faster for customers to book by allowing visitors to make multiple purchases via drop-down menus rather than adding each ticket individually.

Drag and Drop CMS Elements

trekksoft cms layout

When creating custom pages for your TrekkSoft site, you don't have to manually input a position number to organize the elements of each page. Simply click "Add Element" and drag the element to the appropriate position. The changes are saved automatically and you can always edit the element using the Options menu for last minute changes. This is a great tool to visually see the layout of your page and understand exactly where each item appears.

Resource Indicators

Resource indicators show you exactly how much of a particular resource you have left for each day, whether those are vehicles, equipment or tour guides. Now you can see this important information at a glance via your main TrekkSoft dashboard. This saves time and insures that you are always aware of your operations. As soon as a resource is getting low, it will notify you by turning red so you can prepare ahead of time by hiring more guides or renting additional vehicles.

trekksoft booking resources

Faster Booking Process

The booking process is even easier for customers, allowing them to quickly purchase multiple tickets or items. If you'd like to collect specific information about each guest, you can display all of the guest forms at the same time in one menu.

booking system guests

Your new guests can even assign add-ons to each person using an intuitive drop-down menu. This menu shows each guest as a check box, so the user can mark the guests and instantly update their transaction amount without leaving the screen. Guests can see and understand exactly what each option includes and how much it affects the total price, creating a smooth, easy booking experience that is sure to improve your conversion rates.

booking system addon


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