What's New: Live Chat Support and Updated POS Booking System

Posted by Tom Iannone on Nov 7, 2014

To make sure customers have the best experience and the best quality support, TrekkSoft has activated a live support chat within the booking system so subscribed customers can chat with a trekksoft support chatsupport representative if they ever have questions when setting up accounts or managing bookings.

If you're in need of support on the spot, simply click the chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen and ask a question. Your support representative can view your account, walk you through the final setup or just help point you in the right direction. This saves a lot of time for tour and activity providers because they no longer have to take time to write an email or make a phone call when they have questions - now they can get an answer without even leaving the page!

Updated Agent Desk POS Booking System

The agent desk has a new and improved look with an even more efficient user interface. Agents can take bookings faster than ever, as they choose a date/time, select a ticket type and process payment in seconds.


agent booking


Every optional purchase field is now compacted into an "Additional Options" section at the bottom of the order. Agents can select any of these options to see an expanded view that allows them to enter additional information on the fly.

Agents can also choose to have tickets sent to their customer's email or print them out in person via a check box at the bottom of the order form.

This is a huge improvement for every tour and activity provider using the point of sale agent desk in TrekkSoft's software, because it means that employees will spend less time processing customer bookings while further eliminating the possibility of errors when entering information.

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Tom Iannone

Written by Tom Iannone

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