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Posted by TrekkSoft on May 14, 2013

The home screen of your cellphone says a lot about who you are. The apps you download are consistent with your interests, so that you can easily get to where you want to be or what you want to be doing fast. Isn't it time then that your customers had an app for their favorite tour operator; place where they can turn a daydream into a reality? For this reason, TrekkSoft has been developing a container app for you to meet the desires of your customers and future customers.


Having your very own mobile app will allow your customers to get direct access to your tours without having to type in the url or wait endlessly for the mobile website to load. Instead, customers can access your site within seconds directly from their home screen and have a more efficient booking process. Customers will be able to look through your tours quickly when they only have a couple moments to spare and perhaps decide to book a tour that they originally had not considered. This free, useful, and efficient application will soon be available to all TrekkSoft users.

The TrekkSoft IT team has worked to create an individual app that reflects your company and its tours. You will have an app of your own that you can encourage your customers to download! You will have your logo and company name in the apps menu of their phones, and thus become a much bigger part of their everyday life. This mobile app will allow for an alternate booking platform that will be able to attract more customers.

Upon access to your app, your customers will be able to browse your tours in a mobile optimized version of your TrekkSoft site. Here, your customers can easily book tours or view tickets they have already purchased! Individual tours are displayed in a neat layout, and customers can easily browse all of your tours with a couple of scrolls. By clicking on a specific tour, customers will also be able to read the itinerary, description, and highlights of the said tour. On top of all of that, customers now have access to your online shop via your mobile app. By tapping on the pull out menu on the top left corner of the phone, customers now have a navigation bar that can direct them to “tours,” “shop” or “contact us.” This will allow them to search words or word phrases throughout your TrekkSoft website. If your TrekkSoft website has multiple language options, customers can also change the language on the mobile app. The navigation bar also strives to make your life easier! With this, you can login to your company’s account and access the backend information, such as passenger bookings.

In addition to all of this, your mobile optimized interface is completely individualized and customized by you! The icon of your app is your company logo, set in your TrekkSoft CMS backend, and once opened, your company header is the first thing that customers see. The color schemes and fonts match the settings that you’ve selected for your original TrekkSoft website, and you can choose what order the tours will be shown in. After setting up a mobile app with us, go to your TrekkSoft account, scroll over to “Design and Content” and there will be an option called, “Mobile Website.”

Use this section of your TrekkSoft account to customize your Welcome Text and which tours you would like to display on your mobile app. After you set up your app, customers will be able to find it in the iTunes store, available for iPhone and Android devices. You get your own customized app, available to your customers, absolutely free with your TrekkSoft account. Stay ahead of the mobile market with TrekkSoft now!

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