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Published by Sara Napier Burkhard | Feb 8, 2017 | | 3 MIN READ

Why should you be at events like ITB?

We know, the travel industry is saturated with networking events, trade shows, and conferences of all kinds. It can be hard to know which events are worth your company's time and which ones you could simply pass on.

But events like ITB are a cut above the rest. ITB Berlin is an annual trade show that has become a well-established leader in the travel industry. Representing 187 countries and 5 continents, it kicks off in just one month.

Here at TrekkSoft, our team is getting ready to attend this important annual event, but will you be there? Here are some reasons we never want to miss this event. 

As a tour operator, DMO, or activity provider, you should be attending events that will move your business forward. So, why should you be at ITB? The numbers speak for themselves.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 12.35.11 PM.png

ITB receives acclaim and creates positive experiences for businesses, year after year.

You will have a great time, build up your network, and learn valuable ways to improve your business! But just in case you're still not convinced, here are 9 more reasons you should be attending events like ITB. 


ITB meet with us


1. Promotion with the press

At smaller trade shows, there may be a few press opportunities available but it's not something you can always count on. At an event as large and well-regarded as ITB, you can guarantee that there will be plenty of opportunities to meet with the media.

2. See new products and resources

Trade shows offer a wealth of resources that you might not have known about otherwise. Many companies will create free promotional materials designed specifically for use at the event. These could include worksheets,  and even a selection of insightful ebooks

ITB six.jpg

Sixt rent a car at ITB Berlin 2016

3. Learn about new tourism trends

Speaking of ebooks, one of our most popular resources has been our annual travel trend ebook. This is because every tourism professional wants to know how the industry is changing with each new year.

Searching for resources online is always an efficient way to do that, but at an event like ITB you can learn so much more. You can not only enjoy the in-depth resources that are distributed at an event like this, but you can attend sessions that focus on the details of trends you're still learning about. 

4. Explore innovative new ideas.

There will be a few businesses at ITB that are similar to yours. But even if they're involved in the same type of activities, they won't all approach it the same way. By visiting the different exhibitors you'll be able to learn about solutions from business owners who faced problems like yours. Additionally, you'll be able to look into services that offer creative new ways to support your business. 

ITB .jpgVerband Deutsches Reisemanagement e.V.

5. Meet other tourism professionals

One of the age-old reasons to attend a trade show is to connect with other people in your industry. Over the course of several days, you should take the chance to build relationships with businesses that might be complimentary to yours. You can use this time to create alliances with distribution partners and ultimately bring in more customers together.


6. Attend networking events

There are plenty of ways to network at a trade show. ITB takes the standard mixers to a new level with original ideas like their Speed Dating and Speed Networking events. Both are designed to make it easy for businesses, bloggers, and promotional partners to connect with each other. 

ITB visit.jpgVisit Portugal arranging meetings with other attendees

7. Education about the industry

While the social aspects of events are always exciting, you can't neglect the great knowledge you can gain in your time there. Since ITB is also a convention, there are a number of insightful seminars you can attend. Whether your goal is to learn more about a specific trend or just gain more education about the industry as a whole, you have plenty of options available to you

8. Talk to the experts

Have you ever wanted to sit down with a tourism expert and ask them questions about your business? In addition to the educational talks they'll give, you can speak directly with leaders in your industry. You can get answers to your questions right away from plenty of other businesses, and even vendors. 

ITB speaking.jpgITB Berlin 2016 - ITB Destination Day 2

9. You’ll have fun!

Let’s not forget one of the best reasons to attend ITB — to have a great time! If networking, learning valuable insights for the next year, or recieving new matieral isn't reason enough then don't forget the vibrant atmosphere ITB proudly supports each year.  

So, are you ready for this year's events? If you're attending, we'd love the chance to meet up with you!


Want to learn more about TrekkSoft's time at ITB and arrange a meeting with us? Click here. 



If you can't attend ITB, you can always stay up to date with us on our social media channels.



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