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Published by Nelson Oduro | Oct 2, 2014 | | 2 MIN READ

Industry News: World Tourism Day and other major events in the industry

This past week was World Tourism Day, so here's a recap of the festivities held in Mexico. Also read on for more about the ATTA's first bicycle survey, Android mobile bookings on a rise, and why you should always keep your guest guessing.


World Tourism Day 2014 

World Tourism Day on September 27, 2014

World Tourism Day was celebrated this year on September 27, 2014 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Prominent people were in attendance for the opening ceremonies including The President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto, and The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The theme of this year’s festivities was “Tourism & Community Development.” Many of the keynote speakers stressed this theme with Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stating, “This year's observance of World Tourism Day focuses on the ability of tourism to fully empower people. Engaging local populations in tourism development builds stronger and more resilient communities.” Using tourism to build local communities is an idea we can all champion. San Blas Adventures, one of TrekkSoft’s feature companies have been running their business with this theme. Profit made from their tours goes to develop the local communities of the San Blas Islands. Keep up the commendable work guys!


Bicycle Tourism Report

Adventure Travel Trade Association survey conducted on Bicycle Tourism

The Adventure Travel Trade Association released the results of its first bicycle survey. The ATTA has it is most commonly known serves over 1,000 members, predominantly tour operators in the adventure realm. Each year the ATTA invites adventure business to share information regarding their company; they use the replies to compose a report of that specific industry, called Industry Snapshot. This is the first time they have done one for the bicycle industry. ATTA’s director of research Christina Beckman claims that “Over the last several years a specialized cycling group within the ATTA has grown and the need for more formalized information was needed.” The report has deeper insights into the adventure cycling vertical. Everything from customer demographics to length and price of the trips.

Android users are booking travel

Skift recently launched a survey series titled “Travel Habits of Americans.” In their sixth installment using Google’s Consumer Survey tool, they asked only Android smartphone users, “Have you used your phone for any kind of travel booking?” The results were that a surprisingly 61% of U.S Android mobile users have used their phones to do some kind of mobile booking.resultsfromskift

This reiterates how fast mobile booking is picking up. TrekkSoft offers an app in both the App Store and on Google Play so iPhone users and Android users alike can book on the go!


A surprised guest is a happy guest

Your guests should be thrilled, and feel like they have experienced something new after your trip.

Dr. P. Read Montague an associate professor of neuroscience at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston conducted a study of the human brain. To sum up the study, he gave people either water and juice while analyzing an MRI of their brain. The ones that were expecting the beverage didn't get too excited, while the ones who had no idea were genuinely excited according to their MRI.

How does this relate to travel you ask? Its simple, surprising your guests every once in a while will generate excitement, and develop a loyal following. You can have the greatest tour in the world, but if all the highlights are in the itinerary the guests were expecting it and won't be that amazed. Next time leave some highlights off of the description or throw a detour in the trip and see what happens.


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