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Published by Dean Speer | Sep 24, 2015 | | 1 MIN READ

Yacht tour providers: use videos on your website and drive online bookings

In today's online marketing sphere the trend for grabbing your target audience eye is by having a video that does all of the hard work for you. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what does a video equate to?

The position of video in social media

If you look at the way that social media is heading, you will see that Instagram offers a short video or photo slideshow option. Vine has over 1.5 billion loops per day, and the last user number - released in August 2013 - was 40 million. The potential for getting your brand image out there via video is becoming a more popular and effective means of marketing.


Video marketing in the tourism industry

One major yachting tour company has gone as far as to include a high quality video in the main header, which takes up 1/3 of their homepage. This promotes what is on offer when you book one of their excursions, with the official trailer racking up over 3 million views on YouTube and securing itself as the industry leader in Yachting excursions for the younger generation.


Nowadays, everyone is a videographer

With the accessibility of 4k video from small and cheap cameras, not to mention every smartphone having a high-quality camera, the desire to show the world what you have been up to - alongside the ease to do so - is increasing. By clients making videos of their excursions, companies can receive free marketing. Moreover, some companies offer high-quality video edits of their time on the trip for a small fee.

It's cheap, more effective than a status update or hash tag, and has the opportunity to go viral if unique enough. A video being passed around like hot cakes will in turn drive relevant traffic to your website and, of course, drive bookings.


Video marketing has advantages for the yachting industry

Video marketing for the yachting-specific industry has a few key selling points that can be portrayed only by video due to the nature of the content:

  • Accessibility to stunning visuals
  • Opportunities to portray the teambuilding aspects of manning a yacht
  • Exposure of what you do on a multi-day excursion (which would generally require a huge amount of photos to convey)
  • The opportunity to produce more than enough video content, because you have the time to do so and can focus on collecting the best footage.


Overall, it is certainly worthwhile to include video content in your marketing arsenal.

If you are unsure of where to go next with your new inspired enthusiasm of the possibilities now open to you, here are ten tips for making videos to promote your tour and activity company. We've also listed 8 video-sharing social networks to distribute your new content on.


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