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TrekkSoft is the top choice for companies that want to rent out equipment and manage reservations with an all-in-one system.
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Maximize your rental ROI

Allow customers to rent out your equipment on all booking channels: on your website, via agents and partners, over the phone or as a walk-in.

What's more, the Resource Manager will maximize the usage and return on investment of every kayak, vehicle or other rental items you own.

Booking system for rentals

Open up new booking channels for your rentals

Choose a system that drives reservations on your most important channels. Tour and activity providers around the world use TrekkSoft to get more rentals on their website, through marketplaces, and via agents.

Process rentals on your website

Let customers decide when and for how long they want to book your equipment, without needing to pick up the phone or send an email. Have a complete booking and payment process neatly integrated on your website.

Set when your rentals are available

If your kayaks are available from 9 to 5 or your vehicles are only bookable on Tuesdays, choose TrekkSoft to simplify logistics.

Assign schedules to your rentals 

Choose one or multiple time slots in a day or a week when your rentals are available. With schedules for these, you can make sure that customers only book when you're available.

Prevent overbooking with resource management

You only have a set number of resources – and they can't be overbooked. TrekkSoft's Resource Manager updates availability so you don't have to.

Increase the ROI of your rentals

With the Resource Manager, you can both prevent overbooking and maximize the usage of your rental equipment. With every booking, your availability updates in real-time. So you know when you're overbooked or if you have one or two spaces left.

Manage reservations on any device

Sell and manage your rentals anywhere 

Scan tickets, manage bookings, find guest details and upsell customers with the Mobile App on any device.

Another handy tool is our Point of Sale Desk interface, which helps you to process walk-in bookings and boost agent sales on any mobile, tablet or laptop.

Peter Jumpertz, Carrosse DeLouis:

"After a long search, we figured that TrekkSoft can really support us"

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