Booking Desk

A booking desk for your team and agents

A booking desk is a simplified version of the software, perfect for busy days when you're focused on making direct bookings. Equip your team with it and cut down on phone calls, memos and emails to improve efficiency.

Streamline your direct and agent bookings

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  • Manage your bookings in one place

    Manage your online, point-of-sale, phone and agent bookings on the Booking Desk. View upcoming trips and availabilities, book trips, sell add-ons and generate widgets.
      • balance-scales.pngSee availability and book trips 

        Access the Booking Desk tab of your TrekkSoft account for an overview of the availability of your tours in real-time. Then, book customers on the date and time that suits them.

key-person-1.pngGive agents their own login to your system

Let agents book directly into your system and cut out the need for back-and-forth emails and calls. Give each team member the correct user permissions for their individual account.

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  • Allow agents to book trips and sell add-ons

    Boost over-the-counter and agent sales with TrekkSoft. With the Point of Sale Desk interface, you and your team can also sell via any device and offer a user-friendly booking experience.

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Pay as you go

Starting with Pay as you go

No fixed payment, only pay when you make bookings.

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The ultimate solution for you

If you're a tour or activity company or a tourism board, we have the perfect plan for your business.

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