Running A Full Booking Test



SECTION 1- Testing the customer’s experience throughout the booking process

SECTION 2- Testing Merchant’s Back-end Booking Management Process

    1. Go to Promotion > Discounts and Vouchers
    2. Create a discount code called “TEST” with a maximum use of 10 times and a discount of 100%
      Log out from your Trekksoft Account
      Go to your Trekksoft URL again and pretend to be a customer 

SECTION 1- Testing the customer’s experience throughout the booking process


Part 1- Activity, Schedule and Pricing

☐ Activity- Is the title clear?

☐ Activity- Is there a relevant and enticing header image?

☐ Activity- Is there enough information in the activity description for the customer to understand what they are booking?

☐ Schedule- Is the correct schedule displayed in the calendar?
                       Ex. the calendar number should bold the days where there is a schedule for the activity. This means                              that if the activity is on every day all dates should be bold, if it is on every second day only every second                          data should be bold etc.

☐ Schedule- If there are various schedules in the same day, is it easy for the customer to understand which is which?

☐ Schedule- If there are variations of the activity starting at the same time, is it clear which should the customer choose?

☐ Pricing- Are the price categories clear?

☐ Pricing- If there are different price categories, is there a price description explaining to the customer which category to choose?


Part 2- Checkout Information


☐ Choose seats from one or two price categories and enter the test code: TEST

☐ Pricing- Did the price get calculated correctly?

    i.e.  Differences between Fixed and Variable Pricing

☐ Pricing- Was the down payment displayed if applicable?

☐ Guest Custom Fields- Is the amount of custom fields hindering the checkout process?

    i.e.- Is the custom field information being asked for each person or for the group?

☐ Guest Custom Fields- Are all questions fields relevant to the specified activity?

☐ Guest Custom Fields- Is there unnecessary information being asked?

☐ Add-ons- Are the add-ons displayed relevant to this activity?

☐ Add-ons- Are there any add-ons missing?

☐ Taxes and Fees- If you set up taxes and fees for this activity, are they displayed correctly?

☐ Make sure to log out to view the user fields- Are the correct user custom fields displayed?

☐ User Custom Fields- Are you asking necessary information?

☐ Terms of Service- Are your terms of service displayed?

☐ Accept terms of service and finish purchase

☐ Post checkout Custom Fields- If applicable, were they appropriately displayed?


Part 3- Post Checkout


☐ Did you receive the confirmation and receipt emails?

☐ Emails- Was the confirmation email personalized?

☐ Emails- Did the confirmation email contain all pertinent information?

☐ Emails- Did the confirmation email contain all tickets?

☐ Tickets- Was the correct ticket template sent out?

☐ Tickets- Did the tickets contain all relevant information about the purchased activity?

☐ Emails- Was the receipt email personalized?

☐ Tickets- Was the correct receipt template sent out?

SECTION 2- Testing Merchant’s Back-end Booking Management Process

  • Run one test focused on Section 1 for each of your activities.

  • Keep in mind you can not delete any test bookings from the system.

  • Make sure to CANCEL all Test bookings before the activity date in order to avoid any charges.

  • When you are done, delete the “TEST” Discount Code

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