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This guide is jam-packed with easy to implement tips and tricks to optimise your website for conversions.

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Travel Trend Report 2018

Download the report today and get the latest data-driven insights and advice from industry experts.

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Making Experiences the Cornerstones of Destination Marketing

Access our reseach-backed insights and case studies into how successful DMOs are making experiences the cornerstone of their destination marketing in this extensive 50-page report published in February 2017.

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Industry Research: The tours and activities distribution landscape of today

We researched 213 tour and activity companies to find out what makes an effective balanced distribution network. The results paint a picture of today's distribution landscape and offer predictions for the future.

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TripAdvisor 101:

Get better reviews and more traffic


Learn how to leverage the largest online review site to drive more bookings this season. Find out how professional interactions online can lead to more customers offline.

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The Destination Marketing Handbook for DMOs and DMCs

It's more profitable than ever for a DMO or DMC to have a strong online presence. Here's what you need to know to market your destination and get real results for you and your local suppliers.

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AdWords handbook


Google AdWords Handbook for Tour and Activity Providers


Learn AdWords best practices and use our checklist to successfully launch your first campaign. Here's how paid search can get your tour or activity business ahead.


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Tourism Trend Report:

Hear the story of a Norwegian rock that went viral on social media, adding +10.8 million EUR in annual tourism spending. Here's what you as a tour or activity operator can learn from it.


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Marketing 102:
Build your distribution network to sell more tours and activities

Get a head start over competitors today by building an effective distribution network. Learn about the different players in the tourism industry and how to work with them to get more bookings.

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ultimate mobile photography guide



Tourism Trend Report:
Latin America

The tourism landscape in Latin America is changing fast, and it’s more important than ever for tour and activity companies to keep up. Here are the insights you need to stay ahead and get real results for your company.


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Ultimate Social Media Guide
for Tourism Companies


Learn how to use social media to market your tourism products. Develop an effective marketing strategy by learning how to create and curate your content, and manage multiple social platforms using the right software. 


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Instagram guide for tourism companies

Instagram Guide
for Tourism Companies


Learn how to effectively market tourism products on the world's most famous photo-sharing network. With these expert tips, you can learn what and when to post to get results on Instagram.


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Increase your online presence ebook 


Marketing 101: Build Your Online Presence to Get More Bookings

Find out how to maximise your key distribution channels, build your online presence, and ultimately get more bookings. To become the leader in your region, you need to start with these essentials.

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TrekkSoft Travel Trend Report 2017

Understand the most important trends that will be influencing travel consumer behaviour in 2017. Learn how operators should be adapting their marketing and customer experiences to satisfy customer expectations and follow our investigation on the state of the tour and activity industry.

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Social Media Integration Guide for Tour and Activity Providers


Find out how to use Social Media to get more bookings, connect with people all over the world, and learn to make your online marketing effort count.

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SEO handbook


The Ultimate SEO Guide for Tour and Activity Providers


Gain industry-specific insights on how to take your website higher in Google searches. The secret? Brilliant content and a few technical tweaks.

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Writing handbook


Writing Handbook for Tour and Activity Providers


Whatever your starting point, writing is a skill that's worth developing. Follow our golden tips to craft better content that makes a clear impact.

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Tourism Trend Report 2016


TrekkSoft Tourism Trend Report 2016

Understand the most important trends that are influencing tourist behaviour and find out about recent changes in booking habits and mobile behaviour. Explore the latest destination marketing must-dos, such as using visual content.

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Plan your social media calendar in 10 minutes

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Competitive Business Strategy Guide

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35-Step Get to Know Your Customer Checklist

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Plan Your Next Marketing Campaign

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Download your free report templates



Sales & Marketing reports with these templates

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10X Ideas Worksheet

Generate profitable ideas that can 10X growth

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New Hires Onboarding Checklist

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End of Season Checklist

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