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Congratulations! You have just joined over 1,200 tour and activity providers worldwide who use TrekkSoft as their online booking and management platform.
To set you up for success, we have a team of Integration Specialists whose goal it is to guide you through the implementation and use of the TrekkSoft software. 

There are 6 steps to get your store live as soon as possible

Step 1

  Create your         Inventory           

Step 2

View, Edit, and Manage your Inventory


Step 3


Customize  your Brand Elements

Step 4

Integrate your

Step 5

View and Manage your Bookings

Step 6


 Promotion  and  Distribution 

The Onboarding Process



Our software is packed with great features and we can't wait for you to take advantage of all of them.

We also understand it is a lot of information to take in at once; so we have broken down the onboarding process in a series of steps that will make it easier for you to get familiarized in using the software.


Here you have access to all guides, tutorials and checklists to make sure you can get started integrating your website and become independent in using the software

Your support package includes unlimited in-app and email support, plus three video calls with one of our integration specialists to review what you have done and make sure the system has been configured correctly.


We know your time is valuable so in order to make the most of these calls and get you familiarized with the system, there are a series of action steps you need to complete prior to each call.

This way, you can take advantage of our time together to review what you have done and personally answer any system or business questions that may come up as you are using the software.

 STEP 0- Complete Your Business Profile



Complete your Profile

Upload your logo


Accept Terms of Service

Select Payment Method


 Step 1

Create your Inventory

The Foundation of your online booking system is your inventory of bookable activities. So the first step in getting your store activated and online is to build your inventory by adding your activities, schedules and prices. 

Manage your resources

TrekkSoft's live inventory and resource management features allow you to limit capacities and avoid overbookings of multiple activities and rentals that depend on the same inventory (equipment, guides). 

Create Customized Experiences

Offer exclusive, private or custom tours and be known for the unique service you provide. With TrekkSoft you can provide variable activity pricing, and create tailor-fit guest booking fields.

Collect Important Customer Information

Create personalized custom fields to collect information from customers at the time of booking and display it on your manifest for easy reference.

Additional Revenue Streams

TrekkSoft allows you to create additional revenue streams through activity add-ons and shop items. 



 Step 2

View, Edit and Manage your Inventory

Once you have created the majority of your activities, it is time to go over the features for viewing, editing and managing your inventory.

Visualize and modify your inventory

TrekkSoft makes it easy for you to have a clear overview of all activities through various schedule calendars and trip lists. As well as to modify your activities, schedules, and pricing at any point. 

Stay Up-to date with notifications

Review these guides:


Step 3

Customize  your Brand Elements

Personalize your branding

Create a branding experience by uploading your logo and personalizing your brand colors. 

Delight your customers, stay in touch

TrekkSoft also allows you to develop a consistent brand experience through personalized customer email communications; as well as custom tickets and invoices.

Send automatic booking confirmations, pre- and post-trip reminders, and follow ups to keep your customers engaged and give them a memorable experience from the first point of contact.

Accelerate word of mouth marketing

With TrekkSoft you can set up your social profiles with ease and make social media a seamless part of your customer experience, 

You can also Integrate the TripAdvisor app to encourage customers to leave reviews and use your credibility to boost sales.

                          Test your Booking Process                         

      Please run a few test bookings to simulate and review your customer's booking process and experience as well your booking management process.

                   This will help to make sure all your activities, schedules, pricings, resources, custom fields and templates are set up correctly before you go live.


Run a Full Booking Test



Step 4

   Redirect your Personal Domain

Keep your customers on your site

Connect your own personalized domain and don’t redirect customers to a third party landing page or booking engine.

The TrekkSoft SEO migration tool makes sure you keep your ranking and all your old links stay active.



Step 5

View and Manage your Bookings

Since you have completed a few test bookings, its time to go over all the features for: viewing, editing and managing your bookings and guest information

Manage your Bookings with Ease

TrekkSoft's Dashboard and bookings overview helps you stay on top of your bookings; while the basket details allows you to see and keep track of everything that has happened with the reservation. 

Manage your guest's information and manifest 

Manage all of your customer data from one place and easily export it for quick referencing and analysis. 

Explore your Offline Booking Platforms

TrekkSoft allows you and your resellers to take direct and point of sale bookings through a variety of offline booking platforms.


Step 6

Promotion and Distribution

Your distribution channels, all on one platform

Sell via the channels that are important to you with the Channel Manager. Manage direct and POS bookings via online and local partners, hotel and activity desks, and incoming tour operators and be confident that your availability and pricing are up to date.

Better together with the Partner Network

Cross-sell with other TrekkSoft users on the Partner Network and build a powerful community to scale-up your business. You can even give your booking partners a customized web portal to help them sell your tours for you.

Easily track your Agents and resellers commisions

With the Agent Desk interface you can similarly let agents and resellers book directly into your system. Customize agent access rights, rates and payment methods to individual agents.

Onboarding Checklist

Check your progress



At this point, you are ready to continue moving forward independently. You have now your inventory,  resources and capacities set up and you can take and manage your bookings.

In addition, you can update and crossell your activities with the help of partners, agents and marketplaces. You have all the tools at hand to grow your business!

Congratulations and good luck!

Moving Ahead
Now that you are set up you can know exactly how your business is performing. Monitor your growth reports and analytics and map your direction forwards with clear performance indicators. 


Reports and Accounting


Account and Subscription


Payouts and Transactions 


FAQ & Release Notes


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TrekkSoft was founded to address the needs of our local tour and activity industry in Interlaken, Switzerland. We understand the industry and you can rely on our team to onboard your business, introduce you to digital best practice, and guide you to success from the start.

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