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To discuss media coverage of TrekkSoft, please contact marketing@trekksoft.com.


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06/08/16 - The Alpine Tech Hub that's on a roll - Forbes

06/08/16 - DMO's target local tourism with white labels - Tnooz

06/08/16 - TrekkSoft partners with VisitCornwall - Travel Daily News

05/26/16 - TrekkSoft partners with Musement - Travel Daily News

05/17/16 - TrekkSoft acquires booking software provider myobis - Tnooz

12/17/15 - TrekkSoft partners with Diviac - deeper blue

11/20/15 - TrekkSoft acquires Irish rival Acteavo - ICT Journal

11/18/15 - TrekkSoft acquires Dublin-based Acteavo - tech.eu

09/01/15 - The 12 hottest startups in Switzerland - Business Insider 

01/29/15 - TrekkSoft raises $1.1 million - Skift

01/27/15 - Trekksoft raises $1.1 million - TNOOZ

09/18/14 - TrekkSoft is #9 of the Top 100 Swiss Startups - Startup/IFJ / Handelszeitung

05/25/14 - TrekkSoft connects with Hotelplan via API - Netzwoche

02/14/14 - TrekkSoft stirs up the travel market - Der Bund

09/17/13 - TrekkSoft helps to bring the adventure just a click away - Handelszeitung

06/11/13 - TrekkSoft now including a mobile app - ATTA

06/04/13 - TrekkSoft creates white label mobile app for activity suppliers - TNOOZ

10/30/12 - TrekkSoft wins award and is looking for investors - Jungfrauzeitung

10/04/12 - TrekkSoft dears to start in the Unites States - startwerk.ch


TrekkSoft Press Releases

pdf.gif 11/11/16 - TrekkSoft partners with Bokun (94kb)

pdf.gif 06/06/15 - TrekkSoft partners with Visit Cornwall (72kb)

pdf.gif 05/24/15 - Musement forms strategic partnership with TrekkSoft (99kb)

pdf.gif 05/17/16 - TrekkSoft AG and Myobis Booking Systems announce a strategic alliance (145kb)

pdf.gif 02/25/16 - TrekkSoft partners with Fjord Norway (123kb) 

pdf.gif12/16/15 - TrekkSoft partners with Diviac   (105kb)

pdf.gif11/18/15 - TrekkSoft acquired Irish-based Acteavo   (125kb)

TrekkSoft Media Releases06/04/13 - TrekkSoft now including a mobile app   (56kb)

TrekkSoft Media Releases10/12/12 - A new business perspective at the Adventure World Summit in Lucerne   (36kb)

TrekkSoft Media Releases09/27/12 - TrekkSoft opens a new office in New York City   (26kb)

TrekkSoft Media Releases09/19/12 - New payment structure to revolutionaize the tourism industry   (86kb)


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