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Key Features
Backend Booking ManagementiView recent bookings and upcoming trips; reschedule or cancel guets or baskets.
Online Booking WidgetiAdd a booking and checkout system to your website as a pop-up. Simply generate, copy and paste a simple line of code then customise it by adding your logo and brand colors. This way, customers get a seamless booking experience and are led back to your website after completing a booking.
Point of Sale DeskiA booking tool made for tablets. It's ideal for sales agents on a busy street or at tourist offices. Use it as a catalogue to show off your tours, then use it to take bookings and payments in one go.
TrekkSoft Mobile AppiLet your staff use our mobile app that's available on both Android and iOS to book tours on site, access the guest manifest, scan tickets and more.
Integrated Payment Gateway TrekkPay iWith the TrekkPay Payment Gateway, let guests book and pay directly with you, no 3rd parties involved. We accept different payment methods such as credit cards, direct debit, Alipay, Sofortüberweisung, Giropay, IDEAL, etc.
Essential to Sell your business
Add-On/Shop Items iUse Add-ons and Shop Items to sell additional items/services like video package, mug, tshirt, etc.
Apple Wallet Passbook TicketsiCustomise tickets for PassBook and send them to customers before a trip.
Customisable Website BuilderiChoose a theme, then drag and drop elements to create a simple website.
Customed Tour Email Tickets i- Add your company's branding to tickets - Create different tickets for each activity
Discount/Voucher codes iSet up discounts and voucher codes with expiry dates
Down Payments (Deposits) iSet a downpayment (deposit) instead of charging full price at time of booking
Resource Management iSet up resources like guides, buses, bikes and allocate them to certain activities. You can share resources among products.
Sales & Turnover ReportingiGenerate reports on sales (based on booking date) & Turnover (based on trip date)
Accelerate your business management
Agent Accounts & Partner Network iGrant different permissions to agents and give them access to your live inventory to sell and manage activities. Connect with other TrekkSoft users to resell their tours or let them resell your tours.
Calendar Synchronisation iExport upcoming bookings to external calendars such as Outlook, Google, etc.
Customised Email Notifications
Custom Tours & Invoicing i- Create tours with unique start times and capacities - With this feature, you can also choose to enable "payment links"
Channel Manager (TrekkConnect ) iConnect to local and international marketplaces.
Exclusive/Private Activities iWith an exclusive activity, only one booking can be made for each time slot. No other bookings for this activity can be made for the same time.
Gift Certificates iA Gift Certificate can be created based on a pre-set amount, or it can be created based on a price category and limited to certain activities.
Rental Items iOffer rentals.
Resource Management Advanced (More flexibility) iLimit availability based on your available resources.
SMS Booking Notifications (Internal) iReceive Booking Notifications and Resource notifications via SMS.
Grow your business with Ultimate features
Apple Wallet Ticket Customisation iCreate customised tickets for your customers to save on their Apple Wallet. This can have your logo, colours and font.
Business Intelligence Reporting iThe Business Intelligence gives you a more detailled report of your sales performance, bookings, customer data and sales channels.
Customised Down Payments (Deposits) iTo complete a booking, businesses can decide if customers should pay in full, pay a downpayment or let the customer decide how much they should pay as a downpayment (between 0 and the max. price).
Extended Availabilities Range iWith this feature, operators can create their schedules to 2 years in advance, allowing travellers to book well in advance. Without this feature, companies can typically create schedules up to a year in advance.
Package Activities (Combine & Sell Tours) iCombine multiple activities to create a package. Your customers can then easily book a package a from your catalogue.
Smart Waiver Integration iEssential, Acc
SMS Booking Notifications (External) & Dedicated Phone Number iSend SMS notifications to customers before and after the tour.
Zapier Integration with over 1,000 3rd party apps iZapier enables you to automate tasks between TrekkSoft and over a thousand 3rd party apps, e.g. connect TrekkSoft & Mailchimp.
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