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Every account comes loaded with suite of TrekkSoft's high-powered booking and management tools. Take a look at which plan suits you and your business goals best or talk it through with our sales team during your free demo.

Plans Essential Accelerate Ultimate
Key Features
Backend Booking Management
Online Booking Widget
Point of Sale Desk
TrekkSoft Mobile App
Integrated Payment Gateway TrekkPay
Essential to Sell your business
Add-On/Shop Items
Apple Wallet Passbook Tickets
Customisable Website Builder
Customed Tour Email Tickets
Discount/Voucher codes
Down Payments (Deposits)
Resource Management
Sales & Turnover Reporting
Accelerate your business management
Agent Accounts & Partner Network
Calendar Synchronisation
Customised Email Notifications
Custom Tours & Invoicing
Channel Manager (TrekkConnect )
Exclusive/Private Activities
Gift Certificates
Rental Items
Resource Management Advanced (More flexibility)
SMS Booking Notifications (Internal)
Grow your business with Ultimate features
Apple Wallet Ticket Customisation
Business Intelligence Reporting
Customised Down Payments (Deposits)
Extended Availabilities Range
Package Activities (Combine & Sell Tours)
Smart Waiver Integration
SMS Booking Notifications (External) & Dedicated Phone Number
Zapier Integration with over 1,000 3rd party apps
TrekkSoft Fees
Annual Subscription €600 €1,200 €2,400
Online Booking Fee 3.00% 2.50% 2.00%
Offline Booking Fee €0.60 €0.55 €0.50
Payment Gateway | TrekkPay Fees
TrekkPay - Credit Card Fee €0.50 €0.50 €0.50
TrekkPay - Credit Card Rate 3.25% 3.25% 3.25%
Payout Fee for Non SEPA Country Accounts €5.00 €5.00 €5.00
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