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How to work with OTAs - A guide for tour and activity companies

Written for companies of all sizes, this ebook is packed with information on how to work with OTAs... So it works for you.

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  • Travel Trends

    OTAs in the T&A Sector We look at Online Travel Agents in the sector; who are they? How do they fit into the supply value chain and what do we expect to see in the future. 

  • Industry

    How to market your businessThere are various marketing channels available to use from direct, digital, via re-sellers and OTAs. In this section we look further into what these channels are. 

  • Markets & Experiences

    Your bottom lineWhen you select the pricing for your tours, confirming costs or OTA commissions, the most important thing driving these decisions should be your bottom line. 

  • Authority

    Real distribution strategiesWe spoke with 4 leading tour operators about their distribution strategies selling direct, via partners and OTAs. Hear how they have found distribution balance.