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7 Email Templates To Use

Here are examples of 7 different emails templates tour and activity operators should have in place to increase bookings and enhance their customers' experience. 

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Download this workbook to get real examples from companies who are successfully using email to grow their business. 

Communication is the key to every successful client relationship. From the very first contact it is important to build a relationship and trust.

A first impression is initially driven by your website, reviews and marketplace listings, but for first contact, email is your most important communication tool and it can be utilised in so many ways. 

This workbook includes examples of:

1. Welcome Email
2. Curated Content
3. Newsletters
4. Personalised Emails
5. Unsubscribe 
6. Booking Confirmation
7. Thank You / Feedback 

About the author

Steph-1Stephanie Kutschera

Stephanie is Senior Marketer & Content Writter at TrekkSoft. She moved to Switzerland from her homeland of Scotland in April 2018. She enjoys travelling and trying new activities.