Shades Tours reduced administrative time by 60% and now benefit from real-time OTA connections. 

Once they began using TrekkSoft in 2017, Shades Tours were able to reduce administrative work for their team by 60% thanks to automated emails, an efficient guide management and a real-time availability integration with on online marketplaces.

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Shades Tours organizes moving tours and activities in Vienna on socially polarizing topics. The outstanding detail about it: they are guided by the affected persons themselves and thus look behind the scenes of the city. They are #1 on TripAdvisor for all tours in Vienna.

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By using TrekkSoft, Shades Tours have massively improved their efficiency. They feel supported by a booking solution that assists them in all their business processes, from automated email scheduling to optimized guide management. As well as time-saving, Shade Tours also benefit from our channel manager where they can connect online marketplaces to their booking calendar with real-time availability.

Our biggest success with TrekkSoft is that we could reduce the administrative work by 4 hours per week. Now I have time for other tasks like marketing and sales.

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Before using TrekkSoft, it was difficult for Shades Tours to handle the high  volume of administrative work. This included accepting bookings, sending emails and managing their guides... Especially at the weekend! They were using an accounting tool with an integrated online-shop, but it did not cover all needs of a tour provider. Additionally they had to manually update availability on marketplaces and in their own system every time a new booking came in.

Their biggest challenge was not having a fluid booking processes in place that would spread the workload. They began looking for an advanced booking solution.

The main reason why we looked for a booking solution were the big administrative efforts for tasks that could be automated very easily.

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Shades Tours became aware of TrekkSoft via word of mouth and TrekkSoft's marketing material.

Shades Tours, who work with a small core team in the office and many  guides, seen that their possibilities with TrekkSoft were endless. They could automate processes, have real-time availability, management their guides and, most importantly, have integration with their online marketplaces.

Thanks to the API connection TrekkSoft offers for various marketplaces like Viator, Expedia or GetYourGuide, we do not have to adapt availabilities on each website manually, what did cost us a lot of time and was always difficult to manage!

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Katja, Account Manager DACH at Shade Tours, told us that the automated booking process, including booking confirmation and pre & post trip emails, are a huge time saver. It has completely replaced their previous time-consuming method of searching for each attendee email address and sending a manual email.

Shades Tours utlize TrekkSoft's channel manager to sync with the world’s biggest travel giants. With live availability they no longer need to be concerned about overbooking.

Due to the calendar synchronization, the management of their guides is now a lot easier than before. Their guides receive the relevant information automatically before the tour starts, and if needed they can check things on the move with their own account login and the mobile app.

"Our guides love the new tool. It gives them a good overview about their appointments and can be easily synchronized with their google calendar."

Shade Tours also love the TrekkSoft academy that offers valuable resources and webinars to help them grow their business.

Their most popular tour is their #1 TripAdvisor walking tour in Vienna. It is a fantastic experience, guided by a person who has experienced being homeless in the past. This tour is bookable on their TrekkSoft website. 

In the past we also had to react on bookings during the weekend. Here, we could reduce our administrative work by 90%, which is actually a big relief now.

Katja's advice to others

  • "Always keep your activities at a high quality. Additionally, ask your attendees for feedback, for instance directly after the tour or by writing a review on social media. After the tour, each attendee receives an automated post trip email with a short summary of the tour, a review button and the option to contact us directly.

    With this we managed to become #1 at TripAdvisor of all tour providers in Vienna, what in turn helps us to delight more people for our offer.”

     Katja, Account Manager DACH, Shades Tours

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