Tour Company grew by 60% after using TrekkSoft to manage multi-channel bookings in one place

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The Tour Company was founded in 2014 to provide tours and excursions for tourists in The Netherlands. It quickly grew to be the second largest provider of tours in Holland. The Tour Company focuses on high quality and the best value for money. Most of the tours are provided in English, Spanish and German and are guided with the best and most experienced tour guides around. Besides the regular tours we also provide luxury tours for small groups in minivans. Just take a look at our product range and find the tour that meets your special interest and requirements.

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The Tour Company is the second largest tour provider in Holland, delivering high quality tours in English, Spanish and German. Founded in 2014, the company offers bus tours and excursions, as well as luxury tours for small groups. They use TrekkSoft to connect to multiple online travel agents (OTAs) to reach a larger audience, while automating the manual admin work needed to confirm and process bookings.



Back in September 2018, Tour Company was looking for a solution to help them manage the growing number of bookings from multiple OTAs.

At that time, they were already promoting their tours on platforms like Viator, GetYourGuide, Expedia Local Experts and so on. However, manually confirming every single booking that came through these channels was becoming a time consuming task.

They also wanted to drive more bookings through channels such as their website and through in-destination resellers like hotels. Therefore, they needed to add a booking system to their website and leverage on TrekkSoft tools to accept and track in-destination bookings.



Tour Company successfully set up TrekkSoft in three months and quickly saw results from more efficient workflows.

Streamline OTA sales with TrekkConnect: With TrekkConnect, the industry’s leading channel manager, they were able to connect to key OTAs, map their products and go live in a few weeks. They could share schedules, pricing and availability in real-time, and provide instant confirmation for bookings through these resellers.

Drive direct website bookings with our Booking Widget: Prior to using TrekkSoft, direct bookings were not a priority for Tour Company. Since signing up and integrating TrekkSoft’s booking widget to their website, they’ve seen growth in direct bookings from both their desktop and mobile sites

Track and process in-destination sales with the POS Desk: Tour Company also uses TrekkSoft’s POS Desk to input bookings from local sales agents and hotels. When processing the bookings, they’re able to assign an Agent to bookings that come from in-destination sales agents, allowing them to easily calculate commissions owed at the end of each month.



By automating the booking confirmation process from OTAs, Tour Company was able to increase operational efficiency and accommodate exponential growth in bookings. They also integrated TrekkSoft’s booking widget to their new website which contributed to over €50,000 in commission-free bookings. Today, Tour Company has expanded into a new destination and hope to continue using TrekkSoft to provide infrastructure for the company’s continued growth and expansion.

Lodewijk's advice to others 

“TrekkSoft helped us to reach the next level in terms of efficiency in our workflows. Connecting to OTAs which is so much easier via TrekkSoft and processing payment is simpler via TrekkPay. Our business increased 60% just by using TrekkSoft.”

Lodewijk Brondijk, Director of Tour Company

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