Experience-driven destination marketing

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This webinar was recorded on March 15, 2017

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Tourist boards and destination management companies.

About this webinar

Today’s travellers increasingly seek authentic holiday experiences that connect to the history, people or culture of the destination. How does this impact their travel decision journey? And how should destinations respond?

Join our webinar and learn how to successfully implement experiences in destination marketing.

Olan O'Sullivan - VP of Marketing at TrekkSoft - will discuss the current landscape in destination marketing alongside the strategies and tactics that can help destinations overcome obstacles and capture opportunities.

The key learning points

  • Insights from TrekkSoft’s research study “Making Experiences the Cornerstone of Digital Marketing: Organisations Remaining Relevant in 2017”
  • The changing travel behaviour and growing demand for experiential travel
  • The facilitating role of technology in destination marketing
  • The importance of educating and enabling suppliers
  • The opportunities of re-selling and cross-selling bookable products

About the guest speaker

Olan O’Sullivan is a thought leader in travel tech and tourism marketing. He has worked with a range of companies in the tour & activity sector, from startup operations through to regional tourist boards. In his current role as VP of marketing at TrekkSoft, Olan knows how technology can enable suppliers and destinations to expand in the rapidly developing tourism industry.

Access the recording and discover how to showcase in-destination experiences online, help local suppliers generate more bookings and ultimately delight visitors with greater choice and convenience.

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