SEO Webinar - Part 3


Kick off your SEO strategy and track success!

We start off with a quick recap on the last two SEO webinars to help you get started. After that, we show you how to set up Web Master Tools and Google Analytics to start reporting on your efforts. 

This is the final Search Engine Optimization webinars. Don't forget to also sign up for SEO webinar - Part 1 and SEO webinar - Part 2, to make sure you are not missing out on valuable information. 

When will it take place?
November 9, 2016

At what time?
  8 pm  Central European Summer Time 
  2 pm  Eastern Daylight Time
 11 am | Pacific Daylight Time

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This webinar is hosted by Pablo Jürg Gertsch

Although born in Switzerland, Pablo has spent most of his childhood years growing up in Brazil. He's passionate about advertising and marketing, with a strong inclination to digital and inbound marketing.

Pablo recently returned to the Swiss Alps to join the TrekkSoft marketing team. He has a background as an SEO and content marketer and experience in web analytics and business intelligence.  At Trekksoft, he's responsible for SEO, BI, reporting, managing workflows and campaign execution.