Website Builder Integration Checklist


Our software is packed with great features and we can't wait for you to take advantage of all of them!

We have broken down the onboarding process into a series of steps that will make it easier for you to get familiar the software and to start accepting bookings as soon as possible.



Step 0

Configure your Profile



Merchant Profile


Check if completed

Filled out Profile Information

Added Languages if applicable

☐ Configured your Apps

Accepted TrekkSoft’s Terms and Conditions

Set up Merchant Notifications

Connected a payment gateway

Inventory Management 


Check if you Understand

How to edit your activities, schedules and pricing

How to view the Schedule Calendar and Trip Lists

How to edit your activities capacities

How to block activities


Step 3

Design your



Website Design 


Check if you understand

Create a page    

How to add and order content

How to organize your navigation menu 

Check if completed

☐ Created a “Contact Us” Page

☐ Created one or several activity pages

☐ Created an “About Us” Page if applicable

☐ Created an “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” Page if applicable

☐ Created a “Gallery” Page if applicable


Run a Full Booking Test 



Test Your Customer's Booking Process


Check if completed

Ran a full booking test


Step 4

   Redirect your Personal Domain



Website Integration


Check if completed

Redirected your Domain

We're here to support you all the way

TrekkSoft was founded to address the needs of the local tour and activity market in Interlaken, Switzerland. Since then, we have gained a strong understanding of the industry, and you can be assursed in our ability to onboard your business, introduce you to digital best practices, and guide you to success from the start.

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