Booking Management Checklist



Step 7

 Promote and Distribute your activities



Promotion and Distribution


Check if you understand

Promotional Codes

☐ The differences between discount codes, vouchers and Gift Certificates

How to create discount codes

How to create Vouchers

☐ How to create Gift Certificates 

Agents and Resellers

☐ What agent bookings are

☐ How to add users as agents

☐ How to create agent structures

☐ How to allocate agent permissions

☐ How to make bookings as agents

☐ How to view the Agents report

TrekConnect- Partner Networks

☐ How the Partner Network works

☐ How to access TrekkMarket

How to connect with other partners

How to set partner comission and price structure

☐ How to view the Partners report


How to connect with major distribution channels

How to connect with Viator

How to connect with Musement

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