The TrekkSoft extension for Joomla! contains a content plugin which enables an easy integration of TrekkSoft in your existing Joomla! website.

The easy way to integrate TrekkSoft into any Joomla website

The TrekkSoft Joomla Plugin enables you to easily integrate the TrekkSoft booking solution in your existing Joomla website. This means you can use all of the features of TrekkSoft directly in your Joomla content management system and, easily make the link between your existing website and your new TrekkSoft account. Online booking and payment made easy within Joomla!


  1. You can download the latest version of the plugin on our Bitbucket page.
  2. Then please go to your Joomla! website's extension page and upload the ZIP archive.
  3. The next step is to activate and configure the plugin. All you need to do is enter your TrekkSoft account name (for example bus2alps for and select a language.
  4. After installation/configuration all you'll need to do is place a special text (eg. [trekksoft type="shop"]) in a page's content. The plugin will then render an iFrame, which integrates the desired page (eg. the shop).

Download Plugin



Place a code like [trekksoft option1="value" option2="value"] in a page's content and the TrekkSoft plugin will render it. The following options are available.

type Must either be tours (tours overview), tour_booking (tour booking) or shop (shop items overview).
tour_id If type is tour_booking, this option must be the numeric ID of the tour you want to integrate.
category_id If type is shop, this option can optionally be set to show a specific shop category.
width Must be one of the following forms: NUMpx or NUM%, where NUM is a numeric value. A minimum width of 720 Pixels is recommended.
height Must be one of the following forms: NUMpx or NUM%, where NUM is a numeric value.

Example: [trekksoft type="tour_booking" tour_id="4331" width="720px" height="800px"]