Whether you're a business owner, blogger, major travel site, or something in-between, we can help you make money by recommending our online booking software to your members, readers, customers or contacts. Anyone you refer gets 10% off their first subscription plan!



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About us

TrekkSoft's vision is to transform the tours and activities market with online booking solutions and state-of-the-art software.

A Swiss startup founded in 2010, TrekkSoft is headquartered in Interlaken, Switzerland.

Behind TrekkSoft is a diverse team of individuals, dedicated to our customer base and continually enhancing our software solution. The management team started out in the adventure tourism industry, and bring a deep understanding of the needs of tour and activity providers to our software.

As of writing, our booking software has been used by tour and activity companies in 121 countries, we have 18 different nationalities on our team, and we've been listed by Business Insider as one of Switzerland's hottest startups.

Have a browse through the following document to find out more about the TrekkSoft Affiliate program. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

The product

TrekkSoft is filling a gap in the market for global tour & activity providers. Our software is designed to instantly convert website visitors into paying customers and help tour and activity operators to manage their business on-the-go.

On top of this, our software will help tour and activity operators to grow their business. Some other unique selling points of TrekkSoft are:

  • Website Builder – build websites that stand out
  • Partner Network – cross-sell tours or activities with other TrekkSoft users
  • Real-time online bookings – from any type of device
  • Multilingual content management system – tailor your website to every customer
  • Resource Manager – say goodbye to overbooking and manage your rentals on the go
  • Integration with other marketplaces such as Viator – manage all your distribution channels through TrekkSoft

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How does it work?

When you link your site to TrekkSoft, you can earn commission when any referrals from your site sign up for a free trial or become one of our customers. We'll track all visitors referred by your site and pay 10$ for every sign-up (= a 14-day free trial), 10% commission for every confirmed customer paying his or her 3rd month, and another 10% for annual subscriptions. Click here for an in detail overview of the commission structure.

One option is a banner or link placed somewhere on your site, which then directs traffic of those people interested in our booking software through to your personal landing page on our website.

A second option is through newsletters or direct emails. It's possible to link directly to your custom made landing page on our site which will track any sign-ups and subscribers.

Another option is through content, e.g. blog posts, on your website which direct people to our webpage. We'd be happy to discuss any possible collaborations to create informational pieces of content applicable to your own needs. Email us on if you have any questions.

A last option is through word of mouth. Most of you'll have their own close personal network of people that might be a good fit for TrekkSoft. If people sign-up or subscribe using your personal code we'll be able to track them and add them to your referrals.

What are the benefits of being an affiliate?

Easy and free set up - it's quick and free to join our affiliate program. Once you register we will automatically send you the link and coding information to be added to your site. Once this is added, we can start the tracking, and you can start earning commission

Generous commission - we offer an impressive commission rate of 10% on all bookings

Monthly payments - we pay on a monthly basis, for a minimum US$100 commission. If you have not reached US$100 within the month we will roll over the commission until you have reached US$100

Discounts for your referrals - we offer 10% discount on all our plans to anyone you refer

Unique product - TrekkSoft's online booking software is the best in the business and will allow your contacts to grow their company

Be part of the booming online booking sector - the online booking of tours and activities is one the largest and fastest growing online retail categories. Why not earn commissions and help your contacts grow their businesses at the same time?

Customization - for certain affiliates, based upon the projected volume of bookings, we are able to provide customisation of the various affiliate options in order to best suit your site. Get in touch with us:

Who is an ideal affiliate?

We have had many different types of partners become affiliates. Whether you are a marketplace, DMO, association or web agency, if you connect with tour and activity operators on a regular basis you'll be a good fit.

Our target market is any tour any activity provider looking to increase their bookings and grow their business. Our software suits the needs of tour and activity operators ranging from city tours in Rome to sailing trips in the Bahamas.