Accept reservations for your tour business online

Take Reservations Anywhere

icon-scan.originalLet guests book their reservations early and pay on your website, mobile site, or in person with the TrekkSoft App.


Manage Accounting From Anywhere

icon-manage.originalSave time so you can get out of your office and do what you love. View all of your inventory and transactions remotely.

Choose Your Own Rates

icon-booking.originalTrekkSoft allows you to pay in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer a higher commission with a lower fixed cost, or no commission with a higher fixed cost, we have it all.


Sell & Distribute Everywhere

icon-activities.originalSell online, offline, sales desk or phone. Partner up with local businesses via the TrekkSoft Partner Network and start expanding faster than ever.

What customers are saying about us:

<strong>Chris Sandeman</strong>, Owner<br />SANDEMANs NEW Europe"We have expanded quite a bit in the last couple of years; we now operate tours in 18 cities. TrekkSoft has made it easy to manage our bookings across all our locations. And now with our new mobile app powered by TrekkSoft, our customers can book with us in-destination!"

Chris Sandeman
Owner of SANDEMANs NEW Europe