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Making Experiences the Cornerstone of Destination Marketing

Organisations Remaining Relevant in 2017

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Destination Marketing with experiences


Research-backed insights into the purpose and goals of DMOs today.


A deep dive into the challenges that DMOs are facing – and overcoming.


Including: experiences, educating suppliers, content, and product.


Best practice examples of the organisations that are getting things right.

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Access our research-backed insights into

  • The purpose, goals and challenges of the DMO in 2017
  • How organisations are adapting to challenges and reacting to opportunities to strengthen their destination
  • Whether organisations view Google, TripAdvisor and OTAs as competitors or value providers
  • How successful organisations make experiences the cornerstone of their destination marketing
  • How organisations are remaining relevant in the digital age

Empower your suppliers with TrekkSoft

When we first created TrekkSoft, we created the tools to enable our local destination – Interlaken, Switzerland – to build a close-knit network of digitally-active suppliers and help them to better manage their business, cross-sell, and sell on the destination website itself. Since then, we've applied this to regional and national scales. How can we help you to empower your destination?

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