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Enjoy the freedom of an online booking and rental system


Accept bookings 24/7
Don't miss out on any bookings while you're out and about. Our software is designed to instantly convert website visitors into paying customers. Connect your own payment gateway or use TrekkSoft's for the lowest rates.


Take your office outside
Enjoy the freedom of getting outside and managing your activities on-the-go. Use any computer, tablet or phone to login to TrekkSoft and view guest lists, adjust available dates and increase capacity.


Make worldwide connections
The Partner Network allows you to cross-sell activities with other TrekkSoft users. Opt in to our professional package to let travel agents from all over the globe book directly into your system with the Agent Desk Interface.


Say goodbye to overbookings
Use TrekkSoft’s Resource Manager to monitor the availability of resources such as boats, transportation and equipment. The system automatically adjusts the availability of your tours to prevent overbooking.

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