Ultimate Mobile Photography Guide: how to take great photos on your smartphone [Ebook]

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Aug 24, 2016

We all know how effective visual content marketing is for tourism companies, and having some professional-quality photos on your website can get you on your way to receiving more bookings.

After all, tourists want to visualise the experience you're offering. They also want a guarantee that they'll have a great time on your tour or activity. With great photos and a wider visual content marketing startegy, you can achieve just this.

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Spotlight on Aqua Mania Adventures, a top tour and activity company in the Caribbean

Posted by Nicole Kow on Aug 22, 2016

For this Spotlight edition, we're focusing on Aqua Mania Adventures, the largest tour and activity company in St Maarten and one of the top operators in the Caribbean. The company provides all sorts of experiences to travellers: from hiking to diving to cruising around St Maarten in a catamaran, customers are spoilt with choices.

I was lucky enough to interview Debby Lind-Steyn who currently works as a manager at the company. Having 25 years of experience under her belt, I'm excited to share some of her pearls of wisdom with all of you. 

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The secret to managing your tourism business on your smartphone

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Aug 19, 2016

We've all been spending a lot more time on our smartphones than we used to: this isn't really news for you, I'm sure.

When I need or want to do something, I look for an app to help me get it done. I have Spotify as my music app, Slack for communicating with the team at TrekkSoft, and Evernote to track everything I want to do, read later, or remember. All of these apps come into play when I'm writing an article like this for you.

But what about your tourism business? Is it possible to manage your bookings for tours and activities on your mobile, as well as having quick access to your business insights and schedule? Let's look into this.

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How DMOs can make their web-based marketing a success

Posted by Franziska Klein on Aug 18, 2016

A common question for destination management organizations (DMOs) is: "how can we optimize our marketing to serve our target audience and help them become regular visitors?"

The answer: with personalized marketing!

This report is based on Adrian Müller’s Bachelor thesis, “Web-based marketing for Alpine Swiss destinations. Status quo, success factors and recommendations”. Müller’s research is focused on a qualitative survey of experts in eleven Alpine Swiss DMOs and two mountain lifts, and we think you'll find his insights relevant too.

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4 recent social media updates you need to know about

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Aug 15, 2016

Working in social media keeps you on your toes: there are always new developments that you need to keep up-to-date with. Sometimes these are small changes, but other times they are more noticeable updates.

Recently there have been four of the bigger changes, and each one could have a major impact on the social media strategy for your tour and activity company. Here are all the details!

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Expert guide: How to create a post-trip survey

Posted by Nicole Kow on Aug 12, 2016

To get a better idea of how your business is doing in an increasingly competitive landscape, conducting a little bit of research can help you get a fairly good overview of your performance. A quick and dirty way of doing this is through surveys, which can be easily put together.

Here's our simple guide on how to create a post-trip survey. 

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10 tips to sell vouchers online as a tour and activity company

Posted by Franziska Klein on Aug 9, 2016

Vouchers have enjoyed growing popularity over the last few years, particularly for gift-giving occasions like Christmas, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day. As we all know, you can't go wrong with a voucher!

However, vouchers are relevant for more than just these occasions. By selling vouchers, tour and activity providers can encourage existing customers to re-purchase, offset weak sales months, market new tours and activities, and generally boost their revenue. 

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How TrekkSoft enables experience-driven marketing for DMOs

Posted by Nicole Kow on Aug 5, 2016

21st century travellers are all obsessed with “the authentic travel experience”. Travellers today will go through great lengths to find an authentic local experience and are turning the travel industry inside out to find it. They are relying a lot more on digital platforms to research, plan and book the ideal travel itinerary, DMOs need to incorporate technology into their marketing strategies.

We’ve previously talked about how DMOs can engage in more experience marketing efforts and help local experience providers grow their businesses. Today, I want to tell you how TrekkSoft can help you get there better and faster.

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7 ways to drive more engagement and earn more reach on Facebook

Posted by Colm Hanratty on Aug 5, 2016

Due to its algorithm, reaching your fan base on Facebook is notoriously difficult. Depending on what report you read, your updates only reach between 6% and 16% of your entire page likes. This is why so many businesses invest in Facebook advertising – to ensure the people they want to see their content actually see it.

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How DMOs should be using experience-driven marketing

Posted by Lucy Fuggle on Aug 4, 2016

We've shared how experiential travel is on the rise, with travellers increasingly wanting to experience a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and cultureTo keep up, destination marketing organisations need to adapt their strategy and double down on experience-driven marketing.

The core elements of success? Recognising your strongest local experiences, having a unified vision of what your destination offers, and not attempting to market everything you offer.

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